Ian Wark Research Institute Medal

Ian Wark Research Institute Medal

The Ian Wark Research Institute Medal is awarded annually to the graduate or graduand from the Ian Wark Research Institute with the most outstanding PhD thesis.

The medal is awarded based on the creativity and originality of the research, the student's comprehension of the field, the significance and utility of the research as a contribution to, or as an application of, knowledge and the impact of the thesis through the number and level of international publications.

2014 Medal Winner

Dr Clement Owusu
Thesis title: Improving chalcopyrite mineral flotation selectivity against pyrite through pulp aeration/Eh control after regrinding in IsaMill
Principal supervisor: A/Prof Max Zanin

Past Medal Winners

2013  Dr Melanie Ramiasa
Thesis title: Dynamics of liquid-liquid displacement on nanorough surfaces
Principal supervisor: Emeritus Laureate Prof John Ralston

2012  Dr Moom Sinn Aw
Thesis title: Nano-engineered porous materials for controlled drug delivery
Principal supervisor: A/Prof Dusan Losic

2011  Dr Gujie Qian
Thesis title: Formation of pyrite under hydrothermal conditions
Principal supervisor: Prof Bill Skinner

2010  Dr Luke Parkinson
Thesis title: Induction time and bubble-particle interactions
Principle supervisor: Prof John Ralston

2009  Dr Nasrin Ghouchi Eskandar
Thesis title: Physiochemical and biopharmaceutical investigations of nanoparticle-coated submicron emulsions: Towards novel dermal delivery systems
Principal supervisor: Prof Clive Prestidge

2008  Dr Jingfang Zhou
Thesis title: Thymine-functionalised gold nanoparticles: Synthesis, surface structure and colloid stability
Principal supervisor: Prof John Ralston

2007  Dr Jarred Clasohm
Thesis title: Investigation of hydrodynamic boundary conditions at liquid-solid interfaces
Principal supervisor: Prof Roger Horn

2006  Dr A Kanta
Thesis title: Titania and silica surfaces, wettability studies and applications
Principal supervisor: Prof John Ralston

2005  Dr Su Nee Tan
Thesis title: The Marangoni effect and transient foam stability of low molecular weight polypropylene glycols
Principal supervisor: Prof John Ralston

2004  Dr Nicola Lake
Thesis title: Photo manipulation of biomolecular architecture and surface wettability
Principal supervisor: Prof John Ralston

2003  Dr Paul Weber
Thesis title: Geochemical investigations of neutralising reactions associated with acid rock drainage: Prediction, mechanisms and improved tools for management
Principal supervisor: A/Prof Bill Skinner

2002  Dr Wuge Briscoe
Thesis title: Measurements of electrical double layer interactions in a nonpolar liquid
Principal supervisor: Prof Roger Horn

2001  Dr Stephen Clarke
Thesis title: New siloxane sealant materials
Principal supervisor: Prof Jani Matisons

2000  Dr Ben Francis (inaugural winner)
Thesis title: A study of fluid adhesion through application of a model tensile test
Principal supervisor: Prof Roger Horn

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