Research students

Aik Wye Goh - PhD candidate

"I am currently working on Pre-clinical development of mitotic inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. My project involves the synthesis of different analogues, and to study the effect of the chemical structure on the anti-cancer activity of compounds. I hope to develop new agents which are effective for the treatment of different cancers with minimal side effects. I enjoy working in this team as Professor Wang and her team have been very supportive as well as encouraging during my research. I encourage passionate students who have a deep interest in medicinal chemistry to apply for a research program with this group."

Sarah Al Haj Diab - PhD candidate

"My PhD project investigates Pharmacological inhibitors of Mnk for the treatment of cancer. Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signal-integrating kinases (Mnks), specifically, have been widely validated as anti-cancer targets with no toxic effects on normal cells. To date, no selective Mnks inhibitors have been identified, which makes the job quite exciting and challenging. This PhD project is offering me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge, discover new techniques and gain practical skills that any researcher looks for. In addition, it is giving me the chance to meet and work with brilliant and thoughtful people and learn their intellectual strategies. Therefore, I will gain a critical eye that wants to put everything to the test, wisdom in solving problems and a huge sense of personal achievement and confidence that enable me to pursue my future research career successfully."

Theodosia Teo - PhD candidate

"My research focusses on discovering Identification of MNK inhibitors using structure-based approaches using computer-based approaches. The project aim is clear and direct, that is to identify more potential hits which allow further chemical modifications and synthesis, followed by a series of relevant bioassay testings. It is such a great excitement yet real challenges for turning potential candidates into medicines through drug discovery and development processes! I have been provided with lots of opportunities, working with a bunch of talented people within the group where I have personally been inspired by and motivated to achieve the same goal together."

Sapphire Le - PhD candidate

"My project applies structure-based medicinal chemistry to the Development of PIM kinase inhibitors for cancer therapy. It has been my greatest pleasure to be able to work in this research group of enthusiastic and gifted scientists who have given me guidance, inspiration and encouragement in my research."

Andrea Lekic - Honours candidate

"My honour's project involves the screening of a novel class of small molecular multi-kinase inhibitors to Identify Mnk inhibitor pathways using biological assays. Our group has access to an advanced range of laboratory equipment which allows us to excel in the drug discovery process. I enjoy working in this group because everyone is very focused and supportive."

Yuchao Yang - Honours candidate

"My project, Identification of MNK inhibitors using structure-based approaches aims to design and synthesise new compounds as Mnk inhibitors. This research group has helped me to improve my knowledge and achieve my goals. I chose to study in this group because medicinal chemistry and drug discovery is a very interesting area. I recommend this research group as there are kind people with a rich knowledge."

Vaskor Bala - PhD candidate

"My research aims to develop an oral delivery approach (in collaboration with the Ian Wark Research Institute at Mawson Lakes) for a chemotherapeutic drug that is currently only delivered by injection. Currently I am synthesising target compounds here at Professor Wang’s group. The friendly environment and state of art facility have made the chemical synthesis work really enjoyable and highly productive - I have already synthesised a groups of new pro-drugs. After completion of the pro-drug synthesis and characterization, a nano formulation will be developed at the Ian Wark Research Institute. I believe this study will help to understand and overcome the challenges of effective oral chemotherapy and potentially improve cancer patients’ quality of life."

Longjin Zhong - PhD candidate

"My project is a Pharmacological evaluation of Mnk inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. As a new PhD student, with the help of experienced researchers in the group, I am undertaking pharmacokinetics studies and metabolite identification. I am trying to find out a potential drug candidates’ in vitro and in vivo metabolism pathways and figure out the best way of administrating these drug compounds. This is a multidisciplinary group and will provide various supports in my study. It’s a great research group to learn new knowledge and do the challenging and exciting research."

Yi Long - PhD candidate

"My current research will focus on Development of mitotic inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. I am interested in development of the effective cancer therapeutic strategy and the discovery of new treatment. In 2013, I joined Professor Wang’s group who has carried out discovery and development of novel protein kinase inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. During my PhD, I will acquire the multidisciplinary knowledge in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery."

Areas of study and research

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