Research aims

AIM 1: To better understand the causal pathways leading to diabetes, vascular and renal disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations across the life course.


Lead Researcher


Central Australian Cohort

Professor Kevin Rowley

Cohort Studies of Chronic Disease 2. Victorian Aboriginal Childhood Mortality Study (VACMS)

North Queensland

Professor Robyn McDermott

Long-term follow up of the Well-persons Health Check – North Queensland

Diabetes in pregnancy in the Northern Territory

Associate Professor Louise Maple-Brown

The Pregnancy and Neonatal Diabetes Outcomes in Remote Australia (PANDORA) Project


Associate Professor Louise Maple-Brown

eGFR study – Accurate assessment of renal function and progression of chronic kidney disease in Indigenous Australians.

The Darwin Region Urban Indigenous Diabetes (DRUID) Cohort

Dr Elizabeth Barr

Follow up of the DRUID cohort for type 2 diabetes and CVD events.

Cancer Epidemiology

Professor David Roder

Collaborations with key Aboriginal health and health research organisations, and the Cancer Registry in South Australia, and the Commonwealth to establish an exemplar monitoring system for cancer data in Aboriginal people that may be taken up in other parts of Australia.


AIM 2: Evaluation of interventions (health promotion, clinical and health systems) directed at reducing the impact of the high burden these chronic conditions.


Lead Researcher


Food Supply

Dr Julie Brimblecombe

SHOP @ RIC  - Store Healthy Options Trial in Remote Indigenous Communities

Dr Tom Wycherley

Feasibility modelling using food supply data for remote community stores

Emma McMahon

Strategies to reduce salt in the food supply

Clinical Systems as a means to improve health outcomes

Professor Robyn McDermott

Cluster RCT of Health-worker-led care

Evaluation of new approach to diabetes care planning & case management

Models of primary care systems

Professor Robyn McDermott

Mixed methods evaluation of a trial of ‘Family Centred chronic care’

Dr Linton Harriss

Far North Queensland Hospital Avoidance Trial

Far North Queensland Health Database

Primary Health Care Mapping Access Project

Health System reform

Professor Leonie Segal

Documenting models of primary care in rural locations. The works examines the nature of community control and funding models across the indigenous community controlled sector.

Data linkage, health information systems, capacity building

Professor Robyn McDermott

Aim is to refine the core demographic and clinical data elements, metadata requirements (including links to data dictionaries) and linkage protocols to assemble a longitudinal, flexible database which will support the cohort studies (record linkage with consent) identified in the program grant.

Dietary influences on mental health in vulnerable populations

Dr Natalie Parletta

HELFIMED (Healthy Eating for Life with a Mediterranean Diet) Project

NSW Prison Study (completed)


AIM 3: To build capacity for population monitoring, intervention, and workforce development to support and sustain indigenous health researchers, information systems and analytic ability to enhance capacity for Indigenous health research and policy formation over the coming decade.

PhD Graduates



Medical Graduates

Professor Alex Brown

Graduated PhD in 2011 and joined team as an AI

Dr Jaqui Hughes

Graduated PhD in 2013 and joined team as an AI

Dr Katina D’Onise

Graduated PhD 2011, joined team as a Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr Andrew Black

Graduated PhD 2013

Non-medical graduates

Dr Karla Canuto

Conferred PhD 2013

Dr Odette Gibson

Conferred PhD 2013

Dr Sandra Campbell

Conferred PhD 2012


The Program Grant also supports the development of a number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students enrolled at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Areas of study and research

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