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April 2014

The Program Grant welcomes new Senior Research Fellow Dr Federica Barzi

Dr Federica BarziA new researcher was recently appointed to further the research of the NHMRC Program Grant administered by the University of South Australia.  Dr Federica Barzi joined the Program Grant team in April 2014 as a Senior Research Fellow, and is based in the Menzies School of Health Education in Darwin. 

With a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Dr Barzi has over fourteen years of experience in large scale randomised clinical trials and observational studies. Her areas of statistical expertise include study design and power calculations and various techniques of data analyses including linear and non-linear mixed effects models, survival analysis, and methods for the analyses of competing risks, methods for the adjustment of measurement error and within subject variability, and imputation of missing values. She has also developed expertise in techniques for meta-analysis of epidemiological studies and clinical trials, using individual participant data and summary data, and in methods for the development of risk prediction equations for cardiovascular and renal outcomes.

Using her expertise Dr Barzi’s responsibilities will include supporting the analysis of a number of existing datasets on dietary interventions, and studies on diabetes, kidney disease and related cardio-metabolic conditions in high-risk populations.   Dr Barzi’s work falls under the Program Grant’s first two aims; Aim 1: To better understand the causal pathways leading to diabetes, vascular and renal disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations across the life course and Aim 2: Evaluation of interventions (health promotion, clinical and health systems) directed at reducing the impact of the high burden these chronic conditions.

March 2014

Professor Kerin O’Dea features in the March/April 2014 issue of Australian Life Scientist

Lead investigator of the NHMRC Program Grant, Professor Kerin O’Dea recently featured in the print and online edition of Australian Life Scientist.  The interview with Professor O’Dea highlights her career from her early studies in pharmacology and biochemistry, to her first foray into Indigenous health research in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The article also discusses Professor O’Dea’s current position on the board of directors for Outback Stores, the challenge of rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, and the Program Grant’s brief of looking at preventable chronic disease in Indigenous health populations.  The article concludes with Professor O’Dea’s passion for mentoring younger researchers to lead research that is “focused on solutions rather than just problem definition”.

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