Health Horizons - Issue 7

Health Horizons: The Healthy Ageing Issue

The ABC’s 7.30 program recently featured a unique clinical collaboration between UniSA and the Australian Dance Theatre in which visual special effects from the hit show Proximity were adapted for use by people undergoing rehabilitation for stroke or brain injury. We asked Associate Professor Susan Hillier about the project and the response. 

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Health professionals must stay relevant to face competition

Health professionals must stay relevant to face competition

One of the key findings of the National Statement on Health Literacy released this year was that ...

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Unique project bridges the evidence/practice gap

Unique project bridges the evidence/practice gap

Helping Australia’s war veterans and war widows to use medicines wisely has helped...

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Vitamin D message shouldn't  be ignored 

Vitamin D message shouldn't 
be ignored

The role of vitamin D in good health is complex and even contentious , but the....


  Reducing risks in small steps

Reducing risks in small steps

Taking the stairs rather than the lift is a simple strategy for increasing health...


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