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Mobile livesMobile lives

By Anthony Elliott and John Urry
Routledge, 2010. 194 pages

How should we understand the personal and social impacts of complex mobility systems? Can lifestyles based around intensive travel, transport and tourism be maintained in the twenty-first century? What are the possibilities for post-carbon lifestyles? In this provocative study of 'life on the move', Anthony Elliott and John Urry explore how complex mobility systems are transforming everyday, ordinary lives.


Edited by Saulo Cwerner, Sven Kesselring and John Urry
Routledge, 2010. 250 pages

Aeromobilities tackles in many different ways the growing importance of aviation and air travel in our hypermobile, globalised world. Providing a multidisciplinary focus on issues ranging from global airports to the production of airspace, from airline work to helicopters, and from movement in airports to software systems, Aeromobilities seeks to enhance our understanding of space, time and mobility in the age of mass air travel.

The new individualismThe new individualism

(Revised edition: The emotional costs of globalization)
By Anthony Elliott and Charles Lemert
Routledge, 2009. 218 pages

Giving particular attention to the narratives of people seeking to define anew their lives in an age of globalisation, Anthony Elliott and Charles Lemert contend that an endless hunger for instant change and relentless emphasis on self-reinvention is fundamental to grasping the disorienting effects of the new individualism.

Mobile methodsMobile methods

Edited by Monika Büscher, John Urry and Katian Witchger
Routledge, 2010. 224 pages

Mobile methods addresses the challenges and opportunities of researching mobile phenomena. Drawing on extensive interdisciplinary discussion, the book brings together a collection of cutting-edge methodological innovations and original research reports to examine some important implications of the mobilities turn for the processes of ‘research’.

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