Work, care, retirement and health: ageing agendas

Prof Barbara Pocock and Assoc Prof Sara Charlesworth

with Prof Carol Kulik, Dr Lyndall Strazdins, Dr Carla Harris and Catherine Wood

Ageing agendas projectARC Linkage project 2013–2016

Partner organisations: Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, Women in Super

2013: $41,368
2014: $85,319
2015: $78,610
2016: $34,659
Total: $239,956

This project will undertake a gendered analysis of how Australians can retire well, taking account of their key resources (such as work, superannuation, the aged pension, and other assets) and key demands (such as to work longer and to care for others in the context of an ageing population and a more feminised workforce).

Areas of study and research

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