Turning them on

Engaging young people in disrupting silences about their sexual wellbeing

 Prof Bruce Johnson

Turning them on project

with Assoc Prof Lyn Harrison, Dr Debbie Ollis, Dr Helen Calabretto, Prof Colleen McLaughlin, Ms Jane Flentje

ARC Linkage project 2013–2016

Partner organisations: SHine SA, University of Sussex

2013: $25,000
2014: $50,000
2015: $50,000
2016: $25,000
Total: $150,000

Young people are rarely consulted about school-based sexuality education. Adults usually decide what content is covered and how it is taught. This research project aims to give young people a say about what they learn in these programs. Using participatory research methods, new insights will be gained into students’ views about sexuality education, the in-school and out-of-school sources of their sexual information and values, and how they make sense of them. These insights will inform the re-design of school-based sexuality education programs that promote the sexual health of our young people.


Image by Ambro/FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Areas of study and research

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