The objectives of the older-person-centred meidation project are to:

  1. critically analyse the current national and international research on the financial exploitation or abuse of older people by a family member and identify models of intervention designed to prevent the abuse;
  2. identify and analyse individual, structural and ecological factors, in particular gender, culture and rurality, that place older people at risk or make them vulnerable to financial abuse by their family members, and those protective factors that build individual and family resilience;
  3. identify the existing strengths and gaps in national legislation, organisational policies and service provision currently responding to older people experiencing financial abuse from a family member;
  4. design, pilot and evaluate specialised older-person-centred models of family mediation at primary and secondary levels of intervention, which focus on the best interests and safety of older family members, directly or indirectly include their voices in decision making, identify and address protective factors, risk factors and vulnerabilities in relation to their property and finances, and build resilience and protective family relationships; and
  5. actively engage research partners in the research process to enhance their capacity to respond to older people who are at risk of or vulnerable to financial abuse from family members, develop strategies to protect older people and their property and finances, and develop, maintain or strengthen important caring and protective family relationships.

Areas of study and research

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