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Alzheimer's Australia SA

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Marie AlfordMarie Alford holds the dual roles of General Manager of Alzheimer's Australia South Australia and Director of the South Australia & Northern Territory Dementia Training Study Centre. With a background in social work and a commitment to social justice, Marie is committed to ensuring that all people have access to information and support to enable them to make informed decisions that can positively affect their lives. She is also passionate about supporting human rights and supports the GLBTI sector with a particular focus on GLBTI ageing and dementia. Dementia is a disease that affects almost every family in Australia and doesn't discriminate against gender, race, age or sexuality. People living with dementia should be supported through early intervention programs to enable them to retain control through informed choices once they are impacted by significant cognitive loss. 

Disabilities, Ageing and Carers Branch (formerly the Office for the Ageing) and Business Affairs, Department of Families and Communities

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Adam HarrisonAdam Harrison is a new employee for the Department for Families and Communities, based in their Research Unit, Business Affairs. He is from a psychology background and has been a researcher in various capacities for ten years. He has worked in the criminal justice system and the drug and alcohol sector, education, diet and lifestyle, decision making and technology adoption, cancer prevention and most recently in injury classification as part of a World Health Organization project. He has a particular fondness for applied evaluation work to help inform policy and practice change.

Guardianship Board SA

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Jeremy MooreJeremy Moore was appointed President of the Guardianship Board on 1 April 2008. A lawyer with wide experience in most jurisdictions, he ran his own successful law firm Moore Law for more than 20 years. Jeremy was both the inaugural Presiding Member of the Port Waterfront Redevelopment Committee and a member of the Aquaculture Tenure Allocations Board prior to his appointment. Jeremy is also a Trustee of the Da Costa Samaritan Trust and was the co-founder of the Woomera Lawyers Group. This group was instrumental in achieving the release of children from detention, and the closing of the Woomera Detention Centre. Jeremy was awarded the Centenary Medal for his work with refugees and was a joint-recipient of the National Children's Lawyer Award in 2002.

Relationships Australia SA

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Virginia LeeuwenbergVirginia Leeuwenberg is a qualified social worker and highly experienced mediator with over 20 years' experience working in community and family mediation. Virginia is currently the Practice Manager of Dispute Resolution and Post-Separation Services at Relationships Australia, where she has worked for over ten years. She is responsible for the clinical supervision of practitioners, professional development and policy development. Virginia works as a child consultant in family mediation to give children a voice in the process of family separation. Virginia has extensive experience in training and has worked at the University of SA in family mediation and at the Australian Institute of Social Relations in the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Office of the Public Advocate

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Elly NitschkeElly Nitschke has substantial experience in working with older people and their immediate and extended families, assisting them to find a way to resolve concerns and conflicts that may arise. The majority of Elly's practice has been undertaken within the provisions of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1993, promoting and protecting the interests of people with a mental incapacity within the principles and provisions of the Act. Elly practises currently as an Senior Advocate/Guardian at the Office of the Public Advocate and is a founding member of the Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. She has extensive knowledge of advance directives such as Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Guardianship and of the conflicts that can arise for older people and their family members in relation to financial issues. Elly has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Conflict Management.

With assistance from the Aged Rights Advocacy Service

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Dorris GioffreDoris Gioffre is a Team Leader in the Abuse Prevention Program for Aged Rights Advocacy Service. As an advocate working in the Abuse Prevention Program, she advocates for elderly citizens who are abused or at risk of abuse by family, friends or by someone they should be able to trust. Abuse might include one or more of the following forms: financial, psychological/emotional, physical, sexual, social and neglect. Doris is proactive and passionate in raising awareness of issues concerning older people and how they might protect their rights and safeguard their future. She is a member of the Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (APEA) consisting of agencies of 'last resort' who are key stakeholders in responding to the abuse and exploitation of older people. Doris has a Bachelor degree in Social Science. 

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