The older-person-centred mediation project

Preventing the financial abuse of older people by a family member

Walking on the beachThe purpose of this website is to provide information about a research project called 'Preventing the financial abuse of older people by a family member: designing and evaluating older-person-centred models of family mediation', which is developing and evaluating an intervention to prevent the financial abuse of older people by a family member. Financial and psychological abuse by family members are the two most commonly reported form of abuse of older people in Australia. The data and resources presented on this site stem from a research project funded by a Australian Research Council Linkage grant during 2009–2011.

University of South Australia researchers with the assistance of industry partners have collected data from (1) CEOs of organisations providing services to older people and their families, (2) service providers, and (3) older people and their family members via three national online surveys (using SurveyMonkey). A phone-in has also been conducted in South Australia with older people and their family members and the responses are presented and analysed as case studies.

The research has been approved by the University of South Australia's Human Research Ethics Committee and participation is voluntary and confidential. Participants cannot be identified in any way.

Based on the findings of the research, the project team are currently developing, piloting and evaluating specialised older-person-centred models of family mediation as early intervention and prevention strategies that empower older people who are at risk of, or vulnerable to, financial exploitation or abuse by a family member. We encourage service providers in South Australia to refer older people and/or their family members to one of the following free services if they have not made plans to safeguard their finances and assets and/or need assistance to have difficult conversations with their family members about their current or future welfare and care.

  • Office of the Public Advocate: ph 08 8342 8200 or country callers 1800 066 969
  • Relationships Australia: ph 8223 4566 or country callers 1800 182 325
  • Braes Mediation Solutions, Millicent: ph 0417 821 830

Our brochure provides detailed information about the free services being offered and we encourage South Australian service providers to place copies of the brochure in their waiting rooms.

The older-person-centred mediation project brochure (PDF 250 kb)


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