Developing a community approach to supporting literacy for pre-schoolers in Fiji

AusAID literacy project

Professor Pauline Harris

with Dr Elspeth McInnes, Dr Anne Glover, Dr Jenni Carter, Ms Alexandra Diamond, Dr Cindy Brock, Ms Bec Neill and Ufemia Camaitoga

The Fiji project is funded by an Australian Development Research Awards Scheme (ADRAS) grant awarded by the Australian Development Research Assistance Scheme (Australian AID, Department for Foreign Affairs). It focuses upon identifying sustainable ways of developing local capacity to support pre-schoolers’ literacy development in communities in Fiji without early childhood services, and provides a research base to inform the establishment of community-based sustainable approaches to literacy learning for pre-schoolers in urban and rural areas.

This project is funded by the AusAid Development Research Award Scheme (2013-2016)

Areas of study and research

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