Dr Yoshinori Takata

Yoshinori TakataDr Yoshinori Takata is the third recipient of the Hawke/Kantoh Fellowship, a program aiming to promote research linkages between the University of South Australia and the Kantoh Sociological Association, one of Japan's largest sociological societies.

Takata is currently an adjunct researcher at the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences at Waseda University, Tokyo. He specialises in medical sociology and thanatology. His doctoral dissertation explored the experience of parents who have children with cancer from the perspective of narrative theory. After completing his PhD from Hosei University in 2010, Takata worked at Waseda University as a research associate (2012-2015). Recently, he has begun to research the grieving style of medical staff who have had the experience of losing a patient.

As part of the Hawke/Kantoh Fellowship, Takata will spend a month at the Hawke Research Institute in Adelaide, South Australia, where he will study how the grieving process operates in an individualizing society.

Areas of study and research

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