The role of traditional virtues in management

The group worked over 2010–2012 to produce a book on virtue ethics, published by Springer in 2013. As part of the preparation the group arranged for visits to Adelaide by Prof Geoff Moore from Durham and Assoc Prof Leslie Sekerka from Menlo College, who conducted workshops with the chapter authors in Adelaide and Sydney (as part of the annual meeting of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics). Chris Provis, Tony O'Malley and Howard Harris have chapters in the book together with former group members Gayathri Wijesinghe and Helen Rusak and international visitors Geoff Moore and Mario Carrassi.

H Harris, G Wijesinghe and S McKenzie (eds) (2013) The heart of a good institution: virtue ethics as a framework for responsible management, Springer.

Dr Howard Harris has carried out several projects on the role of traditional virtues in management and management decision making. Much of his research in this area has focused on courage.

Dr Manjit Monga has led a project examining the role of traditional beliefs and values in Indian managers.

Other work by researchers in the group has addressed issues to do with love, spirituality and honesty.

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Areas of study and research

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