A number of members of the Group for Research Integrity and Governance have an interest in sustainability.

Some of this work will be drawn together in an edited book to be published by Springer - taking an holistic approach to sustainability. It explores the role of business and societal institutions (including governments, NGOs, multinational businesses, indigenous populations, etc), and their role in furthering and/or hindering sustainability issues. It is specifically concerned with the ethics of contemporary social and environmental sustainability activity and thinking. The editors are Sukhbir Sandhu, Stephen McKenzie and Howard Harris.

  • S Sandhu, C Smallman, LK Ozanne and R Cullen (in press) 'Corporate environmental responsiveness in India: lessons from a developing country', Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • H Harris (2012) 'Sustainability is a work of justice: Virtue not distribution' in B Rok and J Sokolowska (eds) Proceedings of ISBEE Intl Society for Business Economics & Ethics (pp 285–290). Poland.
  • H Sandhu, U Nidumolu and S Sandhu (2012) 'Assessing risks and opportunities arising from ecosystem change in primary industries using ecosystem based business risk analysis tool', Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 18(1), 47–68.
  • S Sandhu, L Ozanne, C Smallman and R Cullen (2010) 'Consumer driven corporate environmentalism: fact or fiction?' Business Strategy and Environment, 19(6), 356–366.
  • S Sandhu (2010) 'Shifting paradigms in corporate environmentalism: from poachers to gamekeepers', Business and Society Review, 115(3), 285–310.
  • S Sandhu (forthcoming) 'Corporate social and environmental responsibility: a conceptual framework' in G Wells (ed), Sustainable business: emerging research on the principles and practice of business under sustainability principles, Edward Elgar.

Areas of study and research

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