Academic integrity

Dr Tracey Bretag is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity and co-editor of the International Journal for Educational Integrity.

With Chris Provis and Howard Harris she is working on a project to examine the level of textual re-use which is appropriate in academic writing. With other members of the group they have an interest in the role of ethics in education.

  • Bretag, T. & Hannon, J. (2008, forthcoming), 'Upclose and personal: developing a community of inquiry using computer-mediated communication' in M. Hellsten & A. Reid (eds.), Researching international pedagogies: sustainable practice for teaching and learning in higher education, Netherlands: Springer.
  • Harris, H. (in press), 'Promoting ethical reflection in the teaching of business ethics', Business Ethics: A European Review, 17(4), pp 567–578.
  • Bretag, T. & Carapiet, S. (2007), 'A preliminary study to determine the extent of self-plagiarism in Australian academic research', Plagiary: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication and Falsification, 2(5), pp 1–15.
  • Bretag, T. (2007), 'The Emperor's new clothes: Yes, there is a link between English language competence and academic standards', People and Place, 15(1), pp 13–21.

Areas of study and research

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