We encourage diversity in courses, research topics and research methods. This word cloud indicates the broad scope of the research activities of GIG.

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Research topics

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  • Embedding and extending exemplary academic integrity policy and support frameworks across the higher education sector
  • Fostering intercultural awareness and competency through short-term international study tours to Asia
  • Teaching business ethics; business ethics education
  • Relevance of classical virtues in contemporary management
  • Sustainability as a concept
  • Perceptions of ethical food
  • Food ethics and sustainability (funded by Le Cordon Bleu)
  • Non-government organisations' actions for human rights and justice in tourism
  • Spirit Festival: transformations in an urban Indigenous cultural festival
  • International innovation and leadership patterns and behaviours (with the Project Impact Institute)
  • Management/employee perception of integrity
  • Social values and success: small trading from China to Africa
  • Social entrepreneurship and community development
  • Linking local and global sustainability
  • Institutions, business systems and corporate stakeholder responsibilities
  • Facets of integrity/'folk theory of integrity'
  • Sustainable development and financial markets
  • Corporate social responsibility (especially strategic, institutional and political considerations) 
  • Triple bottom line
  • Organisations and the natural environment (especially in the context of financial markets and entrepreneurship)
  • Corporate governance
  • Integrity in business and management
  • Social Impact of Australian aid in North Vietnam rural fishing communities
  • Impact of rising energy costs to South Australian consumers
  • Lives of primary carers of children and young people of school age
  • IMAGE in my community – now and in the future: exploration of suburbs
  • Confucianism and business ethics
  • Intuition and reflection in moral judgement for business
  • Regional communication and social capital
  • Journal editors and journals
  • Research ethics
  • Sustaining organisations through knowledge sharing: changing the paradigm of power
  • Cultural mapping for Indigenous sustainable development
  • Transaction services and income in regional Australia
  • Family business ethics
  • Business philanthropy
  • Ethical decision-making in Australian SMEs
  • Does existing governance properly hold participants to account
  • Role of self-interest and altruism in sustainability
  • The longevity of large enterprises
  • Ethical investment under competing values
  • Corporate social responsibility engagement
  • Indigenous business networks: a social capital and social exchange analysis

Areas of study and research

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