Current activities


Integrity carvingSome of the courses in which GIG members have played an important role are:

  • International Management Ethics and Values (IMEV) which, like all courses at UniSA,  seeks to develop in graduates a commitment to ethical action and social responsibility, an international perspective and effective communication, and which in the case of IMEV seeks to enhance skills in reflection, English language, debating and moral imagination.
  • Business and Society, which aims to develop students' understanding of the relationship between society, business, government and the not-for-profit sector, and ability to identify a range of professional capabilities necessary for participation in a sustainable society.
  • Managing Business Ethics, which provides an introduction to business ethics, common ethical problems, prescriptive vs descriptive ethics, the psychology of ethical decision making, ethical problems of managers, managing for ethical conduct, ethical problems of organisations, and organisational ethical issues in a global business environment.
  • Tourism and Indigenous Peoples, which engages students with Indigenous Australian experts and communities who are engaged in tourism.

Through participation in these and other courses members have generated a large variety of research.

Research and practice

Our research methods include literature reviews, and quantitative and qualitative methods. We collect data using semi-structured interviews, case studies, on-line surveys, photo elicitation, and we use data from published sources such as population census and public statistics.

Areas of study and research

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