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DASI’s research consists of a fundamental research program and an applied research program in the field of systems and complex engineering. Together, the programs target the development of new theories and methods, and the application of these theories and methods, in a variety of targeted industrial and systems contexts.

  • Our fundamental research program focuses on technologies such as autonomous and robotic systems that draw together common themes and research priorities of complex engineering systems in the applied research program, with the goal of supporting enduring developments in the field of systems engineering.
  • Our applied research program focuses on the application domains of Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Water, Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Healthcare. The research projects draw on and benefit from input from our industry collaborators. 

DASI collaborates with its partners in Defence, Commonwealth and State Government departments, industry, and other academic institutions to undertake applied research and knowledge application under the themes of:

Systems Technologies and Applications

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems,
  • Biomimetics,
  • UAV Avionics,
  • Acoustic Sense and Avoid for UAVs,
  • Acoustic Tomography,
  • Future of Autonomous Systems,
  • Legal Issues for Autonomous Systems,
  • Passive Surveillance Sensor Integration Demonstrator (PASSID),
  • Electro-Optic Sensor Integration,
  • Visual Landmark Recognition for Autonomous Robot Navigation,
  • Mission Systems Research, Microcosm – Systems Integration Sandpit (SIS)

Systems Modelling, Simulation and Analysis

  • CDG as Complex Adaptive System,
  • Beehive Colony Collapse Modelling,
  • Development of an Australian Defence CDP Stakeholder Needs Metamodel,
  • Air Safety BBN, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Pilot Study,
  • Red Team IED Model,
  • Network Management Systems Effectiveness Assessment,
  • Using Agents to Discover Decisions Relationships,
  • Simulating Traffic Congestion vs. Liveability

Systems Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

  • SE Return on Investment,
  • Semantic Reasoning SE Tools,
  • Development of a Competency Framework for Systems Engineers,
  • Innovation in Engineering,
  • Systems of Systems Engineering,
  • Defence Small and Medium Enterprises,
  • Resilience, Software Maintenance,
  • Requirements Engineering Suite,
  • Evidence-based Military Capability Framework

Systems Engineering Frameworks & Education

  • Research Characterisation and Research Methods for Systems Engineering,
  • Systems Engineering Education,
  • Online Teaching in Systems Engineering

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Systems Engineering Infographic

Systems Engineering Infographic

Areas of study and research

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