China Australia Symposium

The University of South Australia in conjunction with Tianjin University hosted the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development Symposium and Launch on 21 February 2013.

This Symposium launched the University of South Australia and Tianjin University’s new collaborative initiative the China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development.

Along with launching this new research centre, this Symposium explored sustainable urban development and environmental research currently being conducted in China and Australia.

The launch attracted more than 140 participants including a large delegation of Chinese academics, researchers and government officials.

The Symposium also included Tianjin University Day on 22 February. This half-day event included round table discussions on current and future collaborative research opportunities for the new China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development.

In a show of lasting collaboration and friendship between the University of South Australia and Tianjin University Vice Chancellors Professor David Lloyd and Professor Li Jiajun also planted a crab apple tree on Tianjin University at City West campus.

For an insight into the Symposium view the below video and presentations.

Welcome & Opening



> User-centered design for public spaces in China’s rapid transformation, Professor Cees de Bont, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

> New Research Agendas in Sustainable Urban Development: Professor Steffen Lehmann, University of South Australia

> Australian City Futures: The Agenda: Associate Professor Jon Kellett, University of South Australia


> Policy Effects Assessment System Dynamics Model of Regional Low-carbon Development: Professor Tan Xin, Tianjin University

> Interpretations of Sustainable Design - Case study Canberra: Professor Mads Gaardboe, University of South Australia

> Public Spaces in Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: Ms Mabel John, University of South Australia

> New Energy New City – Chinese Low Carbon Towns Under Economical Transformation: Dr Li Zhu, Tianjin University

> Residential Buildings and Heat Wave Risks: Associate Professor Stephen Pullen, University of South Australia

> Sustainable Management of Groundwater: Associate Professor Ian Clark

> The Challenges of Introducing Green Infrastructure: Professor Simon Beecham, University of South Australia

> Integrated Design of Garden and House: Professor John Boland, University of South Australia

Areas of study and research

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