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Prospective students, researchers and collaborative partners are encouraged to get in touch. We are always happy to discuss ways in which we can engage with you or your organisation.

Each year we recruit third year, Honours and postgraduate (Masters and PhD) students from physiology and psychology programs to study at the Centre and work with our staff on various research projects.

Students interested in undertaking research at the Centre are generally invited to work on projects currently underway in any of the following general areas:

  • sleep and circadian rhythms physiology
  • sleep deprivation and performance and health
  • sleep and memory
  • paediatric sleep research
  • clinical sleep disorders research
  • shiftwork and metabolic function


Experts from the Centre for Sleep Research are available for consulting work and regularly advise industry on issues relating to:

  • shiftwork
  • fatigue
  • industrial relations
  • human factors
  • safety management
  • worker participation
  • workplace agreements

Our consultants are able to give advice on the formulation of fatigue and shiftwork policy consistent with the OHS&W legislation in each state and territory of Australia.

Trained and skilled facilitators are able to assist you with strategic planning, intervention development and industry development.

We also provide practical guidance to organisations, employers, employees and families on how to eliminate or minimise the risks associated with shiftwork.

We have worked over a hundred major Australian companies and groups such as: Defence Sciences Technology Group, Safework SA, SA Health, Bushfire CRC, Pacific National Rail, Queensland Rail, National Rail and RailCorp. Our international client list is also varied and includes major air, rail and transportation companies.


We regularly recruit subjects to participate in research projects. This could involve the use of an  interactive  simulator, staying awake through the night, going without daylight or other time cues for a week or more, and generally finding out more about how you perform when well rested, when going without sleep or recovering from it.

To register your details as a potential volunteer, please contact the Centre.

School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy
Centre for Sleep Research
City East Campus
Playford Building
Level 7, Room P7-35
Frome Road
Adelaide SA  5000

Telephone: + 61 8 8302 6624
Facsimile: + 61 8 8302 6623
Email: pswresearch@unisa.edu.au

Areas of study and research

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