Leadership, Teaching and Learning Research Group

The Leadership, Teaching and Learning Research Group aims to:

  • conduct quality funded research in collaboration with key industry partners
  • publish this research in peer reviewed journals
  • plan and implement knowledge mobilisation strategies that will make our research accessible to teachers (educators), leaders and industry partners
  • provide a nurturing and supportive research environment that encourages members and affiliate members to participate in and contribute to this research agenda
  • celebrate the research successes of members and affiliate members

Strengths: Critical leadership studies, Educators’ work and lives, Productive and engaging learning environments
Emerging themes: Teacher identity, Teacher retention, Policy studies

Programs of Research:

  • Critical Leadership studies
  • Educators'work and lives
  • Productive and engaging learning environments

Key research areas

The Leadership, Teaching and Learning Research Group conducts research and produces research publications that address key issues and problems such as:

  • How do schools develop student behaviour policies and practices in a social and political climate characterised by greater ‘outside’ interest in student behaviour? 
  • What socio-cultural and critical approaches promote teacher resilience?
  • What micro-political strategies and tactics do school leaders employ to ‘keep the best’ early career teachers at their schools?
  • How effective are targeted recruitment and retention strategies in attracting quality teachers in areas of teacher shortage?
  • How can the teaching profession be renewed in regional areas?


Anna Sullivan (Co-Leader)
Bruce Johnson (Co-Leader) 
Roger Harris (Co-Leader)
Tom Stehlik (Co-Leader)

Denise MacGregor
Judith Gill
Judy Peters
Ken Rigby
Lisa Davies
Melanie Baak
Peter Arnold
Peter Willis
Rosie le Cornu
Stephen Dobson
Susie Raymond
Wendy Piltz
Bill Lucas (Affiliate)
Bruce White (Affiliate)
Carmel Taddeo (Affiliate)
Deborah Green (Affiliate)
Garth Stahl (Affiliate)
Greg Restall (Affiliate)
Jamie Sisson (Affiliate)
Ian Thomson (Affiliate)
Ruth Geer (Affiliate)
Yvonne Zeegers (Affiliate)

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