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Centrecorp Education Outcomes

Student teacher settingDr Sam Osborne

This project is an evaluation which will deliver an overview of Centrecorp funds provided to support Aboriginal young people in their education. It will also evaluate the effectiveness of this support in achieving Centrecorp’s aims to enhance young people’s capacity for ‘full participation in academic, employment and social life’.

This project is funded by Centrecorp Foundation (2015-2106): $45,240


Remote Education Systems - Centring Anangu voices in Anangu education: Reshaping education practice for the future

AnanguDr Sam Osborne

The key focus areas of the research will include:

  • Student experiences of boarder.
  • Anangu Education Worker (AEW) perspectives on effective teaching practice in Anangu schools and AEW aspirations within the teaching profession.
  • Teacher perspectives on working in dual epistemology (both ways) contexts, team teaching with Anangu, community relationships, and negotiating understandings of success.
  • Community perspectives on what constitutes a successful young person in Anangu communities and how the college can better position education to achieve this?

This project is funded by the Ninti One Limited (2016): $35,000

Provision of creative and body based learning professional development program

Boys standing making a bridgeDr Robyne Garrett and Assistant Professor Katie Dawson

This project aims to develop and investigate how Create Body Based Learning (CBL) approaches can improve student-learning outcomes in mathematics for disadvantaged students in South Australia. The professional learning will involve a small group of teachers participating in a 2 day professional learning workshop with Professor Katie Dawson and University SA lecturers that focuses on the use of creative body based strategies to enable them to adopt a broader suite of pedagogies as well as further mathematics outcomes. Katie Dawson will visit each of the 8 schools involved to present the background and an overview of the Creative Body-Based Learning Initiative with the whole school staff. DECO teachers will work with teaching artists to model, co-facilitate and present creative and body-based strategies to students. This professional learning program will be run again in 2017.

This project is funded by the Department for Education and Child Development (2016-2017): $27,272

How Australian high schools educate young people for global citizenship

ECGPDr Andrew Peterson

The project will focus upon the current situation of an increasingly globalised world requiring education and schooling in Australia to provide young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to participate fully as global citizens. While the goals of Australian schooling and the national Australian Curriculum highlight the importance of preparing students for global citizenship, little is known about how schools and teachers interpret and apply this Curriculum. This project aims to use qualitative research methods to determine teachers' work and students' experiences, providing the first detailed account of educating students for global citizenship in Australian schools. The project aims to contribute to improved educational policy and practice, both in Australia and internationally.

This project is funded by the ARC DECRA scheme (2015-2017): $336,027.

Negotiating a space in the nation: the case of Ngarrindjeri

Associate Professor Rob Hattam, Associate Professor Peter Bishop, Professor Pal Ahluwalia, Professor Daryl Rigney, Steve. Hemming, Associate Professor Julie Matthews, Professor Robin Boast

One of the hopeful sites in post-apology lndigenous Affairs in Australia is found in lndigenous community responses to contemporary governmentality. This project aims to research the case of the Ngarrindjeri nation and its negotiations across a complex agenda including caring for country, community leadership and governance, economic development, media representations, and inter(national) coalation building. The project is interested in understanding the negotiation, translation and transmission of cultural difference and aims to grasp the full range of Indigenous ways to be contemporary, and that includes especially engagements with capitalism, bureaucracy and media culture.

This project is funded by the ARC Discovery Project scheme (2010-2012): $226, 000

Educational leadership and turnaround literacy pedagogy

Associate Professor Robert Hattam, Professor Barbara Comber and Associate Professor Debra Hayes, Dr A Bill, K Spencer

This project will provide new ways of thinking about school reform for improving literacy achievement in high poverty contexts. The project will examine the ways in which new forms of educational leadership are developing in South Australian public schools and their effects on school culture, pedagogy and student literacy learning.

This project is funded by the ARC Linkage Project scheme (2012-2014): $185,000
Partner organisation: SA Department of Education and Children's Services

Pathways into Teaching for Aboriginal Employees

Professor Stephen Dobson

This project focuses upon designing and delivering opportunities for a cohort of existing DECD Aboriginal employees to gain access to teacher education programs that are accredited by the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia.

This project is funded by the Department of Education and Child Development (2012-2018): $308,295

Areas of study and research

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