Pre-service Teachers

Each pre-service teacher will develop STEM teaching resources as a direct output from their industry experience. The industry experience provided by companies will enable pre-service teachers to teach STEM concepts in authentic, real-world contexts to students in schools, to profile STEM businesses, and highlight the breadth of STEM skills and careers that exist. UniSA’s School of Education will assist the engagement and oversee the curriculum projects.

On-going connections

Teaching for Tomorrow provides the support pre-service teachers need to build effective and sustainable partnerships with industry, keeping their STEM knowledge up-to-date throughout their teaching career, and continuing to inspire each new generation of students to appreciate STEM disciplines.

Part of active research into STEM teaching practice

Industry partners will be invited to attend a presentation of the pre-service teacher’s curriculum projects at the conclusion of the project. To assess the effectiveness of this initiative, pre-service teachers and industry partners will be invited to participate in a post-study interview to gather feedback, which will be used to inform and amend future program design.



‘Being in an industry setting will enable me to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding about the industry, how it operates, and who it employs. Having this knowledge will help me better prepare students for their future’.

 ‘I now have a connection to an industry that I previously knew nothing about, this connection will help me to develop teaching resources… and this experience will inform my teaching’.

‘I had to overcome anxieties as I contacted the industry to organise our visits. I think I will be more confident when contacting school principals and school staff now’.

Areas of study and research

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