About Us

Dr Denise Macgregor, Head Researcher, Program Director of the Secondary Technologies program:

Dr Macgregor’s research and teaching is in the areas of Design and Technology education, pre-service teacher professional identity development, and mentoring and community based learning at the University of South Australia. Having taught and assumed a coordinator role in the Junior Primary, Primary and Middle years of schooling, Dr MacGregor has been actively involved in curriculum development and reform at a National and International level, including membership of the Curriculum advisory group (ACARA) Technologies National curriculum development; Curriculum Reform Implementation Project (CRIP) in Papua New Guinea; Australian Adviser for Design and Technology Distance Education Project, Fort Hare, South Africa/University of South Australia. In 2014, Dr MacGregor was awarded the Chancellor's Award (Griffith University) for outstanding excellence in the Doctor of Philosophy


Bruce White, Head Researcher, Program Director of Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science double degree program:

Mr White has been lecturing the University of South Australia in teacher education for more than 25 years. Whilst his teaching background was primarily in Secondary Schools (years 8-12) he also has many years experience working with Junior Primary, Primary and Adult educators. Mr White’s teaching focus has been in mathematics, science, and information technology, with a special interest in the integration of information and communication technologies into teaching and learning. 

Areas of study and research

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