Centre for Postcolonial and Globalisation Studies

Post Colonial and Globalisation StudiesPostcolonial studies have been invigorated in recent years, generating new and important ways of looking at major intellectual and political issues. Our research harnesses the breadth of that approach – bringing together disciplines as diverse as anthropology, sociology, media and theology – to examine questions of power and representation that impact on the development of sustainable modern societies.

Postcolonialism provides a new way of understanding political concerns through the lens of culture, at the same time making cultural questions political. Increasingly, a postcolonial perspective has been applied to a broad array of academic fields. The historical and ethical questions raised by postcolonial studies speak to the very heart of the human condition and throw open our understandings of history, place, race, culture and identity to new challenges. This centre wishes to promote this new type of work.

The Centre for Postcolonial and Globalisation Studies is a research concentration within the Hawke Research Institute.

A space for postcolonial thought

Our understanding of postcolonialism is broad and inclusive, challenging existing disciplinary boundaries. We provide a space for engagement with the plurality of postcolonial thought and for contending and alternative lines of thought.

The centre has a number of objectives:

  • to advance learning in the field of postcolonial studies
  • to promote and encourage appropriate research, both theoretical and applied
  • to facilitate international intellectual exchange and to establish links with overseas institutions with similar concerns
  • to contribute to intellectual debate through published work directed to the study of postcolonial concerns and societies
  • to contribute to public debate and to promote awareness regarding post-colonial issues.

To advance these objectives, the centre facilitates collaborative grant applications, interdisciplinary seminar series and events around postcolonial themes. We are publishing a new series of books on postcolonial politics, and Adjunct Professor Pal Ahluwalia (Centre Director and the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Diasporas and Reconciliation Studies) co-edits three interdisciplinary journals based at the centre. We value and support postgraduate research students and welcome new researchers to the centre.

Areas of study and research

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