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EuroSEAS 8th Conference

August 2015, Vienna, Austria

Adam Simpson (2015) 'Ethnicity and natural resource governance in Myanmar', The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) 8th Conference, University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria, August.

Oceanic Conference on International Studies

July 2014, Melbourne

Adam Simoson (2014) ‘Energy security as justice in Myanmar’, Oceanic Conference on International Studies (OCIS), University of Melbourne, July.

European Consortium of Political Research Joint Sessions

April 2014, Salamanca, Spain

Adam Simpson (2014) ‘Ethnicity, justice and natural resource governance’, European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) Joint Sessions, University of Salamanca, Spain, April.

Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference

September 2014, Sydney

Adam Simpson (2014) 'Identity, ethnicity and natural resources in Myanmar' Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference, University of Sydney, September. 

Shared Parenting Seminar

13–15 April 2008, Adelaide

Professor Carol Bruch 
Sound research or wishful thinking in child custody cases? (PDF 285 kb)
Overheads (PDF 350kb)

Ms Julie Redman
Practising the law on shared parental responsibility (PowerPoint 167 kb)

Associate Professor Carolyn Quadrio
Six degrees of alienation (PowerPoint 3.96 MB)

Keynote: Professor Thea Brown
A consideration of the difficulties in implementing shared parenting: shared parenting and involvement in children's schooling post separation and divorce (PowerPoint 100 kb)

Ms Marie Hume
No escape from violence: the silencing of women and children (PowerPoint 123 kb)

Dr David Wood and Ms Susan Aydon
Experts under fire: two professionals' experiences of the Family Court

Dr Amanda Shea Hart
Domestic violence marginalised and children's needs compromised in the construction of children's 'best interests' (PowerPoint 61 kb)

Dr Elspeth McInnes
System failure and children at risk: when family law, mental illness and family violence come together (PowerPoint 2.54 MB)

Dr Alan Campbell
'Cos if a child was fairly strong on not seeing the parent, there'd have to be something really wrong': children's understandings of their rights in decisions about them (PowerPoint 872 kb)

Keynote: The Honourable Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks presenting a speech on behalf of the Honourable Chief Justice Bryant
In the best interests of the children: a perspective of the 2006 amendments to the Family Law Act (PDF 168 kb)
PowerPoint (2.7 MB)

Keynote: Professor Belinda Fehlberg
Post-separation parenting and financial settlements: the long-term financial impacts of shared care (PowerPoint 101 kb)

Daryl Higgins
Responding to allegations of child abuse in Family Court proceedings: the Magellan Project (PowerPoint 1.58 MB)

Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw
Children and families in transition (PowerPoint 765 kb)

Peace, conflict and mediation in the Asia-Pacific Region

2 August 2007, City West Campus

Assoc Prof Dale Bagshaw, 'The relevance and effects of western mediation education and training in the Asia-Pacific' (PowerPoint 147 kb)

Prof Elisabeth Porter, 'Long-term peace building: where are the women?' (Word 50 kb)

Assoc Prof Di Bretherton, La Trobe University, 'Conflict resolution in China' (PowerPoint 471 kb) and 'Towards a hypothesis for the Mediator's Abroad project' (PowerPoint 34 kb)

Toni Bauman, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 'The Indigenous Facilitation and Mediation Project' (PowerPoint 17.3 MB)

Craig Jones, Santos, 'Commercial negotiation with Indigenous peoples: setting the table for the future' (PowerPoint 84 kb)

Dr Polly Walker, University of Queensland, 'Mediation training in the Pacific Islands'

Dr Suresh Prasad, University of Technology Sydney, 'Panchayats and alternative dispute resolution in South Asia'

Damien Coghlan, Doctor of Human Service research candidate, UniSA, 'Peace building in Cambodia'

Cassandra Devine, Master of Social Sciences research candidate, UniSA, 'Peacebuilding for ethnic conflicts in Australia: the Cronulla riots' (PowerPoint 187 kb)

Aaron Jen Kong Chong, UniSA Master of Conflict Management students. 'Conflict constructions and conflict management in families: the case of urban Chinese Malaysians' (PowerPoint 775 kb)

A critical perspective on peace through tourism

17 August 2007, Magill Campus

Dr Freya Higgins Desbiolles outlined the current state of play in this field from a tourism academic's perspective and underscored the need to conceive this topic in terms of justice rather than the current practice of focusing on sustainability and poverty alleviation.

PowerPoint presentation (361 kb)

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