Centre for Peace and Security

As a nexus for research in the areas of peace, security and conflict studies, the Centre for Peace and Security (C4PS) develops ethical, inclusive, just and culturally sensitive theories and practices of conflict resolution and peace building. Staff at C4PS (previously the Centre for Peace, Conflict and Mediation) analyse the social, cultural and political relationships that result in conflict and insecurity and formulate innovative and tangible solutions through collaborative research and policy development with external partners such as AusAID. The centre focuses particularly on non-traditional and critical conceptions of security in local and international contexts with an emphasis on Asia, although it aims to provide an inclusive forum for debating theoretical and practical approaches to peace and security in diverse geographical and cultural settings. Respect for the human rights of marginalised populations is a central component of the centre’s research, with mediation a key tool of conflict resolution. Our research benefits diverse people and communities, both locally and around the world.

Research at C4PS focuses on:

  • FieldworkBuilding peace: promoting peace, security and reconciliation in civil and international conflicts
  • Ensuring sustainability: integrating human and environmental security considerations into peace processes
  • Transforming local conflict: domestic, family, school and workplace violence and bullying
  • Including cross-cultural differences: equality, rights, citizenship and justice for all ethnic and multicultural identities
  • Practising mediation: comparative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and restorative justice.

We develop diverse approaches to conflict transformation for use in different contexts. To this end, our research covers models for workable relationships; cross-cultural comparisons of mediation and restorative justice; inclusive, just analyses of plural identities; and ideas and practices regarding conflict, coexistence, interdependence, security and reconciliation.

We welcome new partnerships with industry, the community, governments, researchers and postgraduate students and invite visits from international and national researchers with mutual interests.

C4PS is a research concentration of the Hawke Research Institute.

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