4th Islamic Schooling Conference and Forum AAISC4 2019 - A Focus on Social Justice

13 & 14 July 2019

Melbourne Australia


The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) at the University of South Australia invites you to submit a proposal to present at the AAISC4 2019 on the theme of social justice.

The purpose of the annual conference is to explore and share research on issues related to Islamic schooling in Western contexts, to showcase the work of educators in Islamic schools, to network with others who believe in the power and necessity of such work, and to learn from one another how best to enhance teaching and learning in diverse Islamic schooling contexts.

This year’s theme is on social Justice in Islamic Schooling. The theme builds on the excellent scholarship of previous conferences and highlights the significance and need to address social justice issues in Islamic schools. Our vision is that this year’s conference will provide researchers, educators, parents and other community members with the opportunity to discuss processes, policies, pedagogies and other practices that either enhance or diminish social justice in and through education in Islamic schools. The conference aims to be a safe place for critical discussions, sharing experiences and insights into what works and what does not, to inspire all to work toward practice characterised by justice, and to nurture hope.

Social justice is one of the most significant and focal areas of Islam, and we hope that the conference will be able to address issues of social justice based on Islamic and western scholarship.

Researchers, academicians, social workers, policy makers, educators and other stakeholders are welcome to send their original abstract to the AAISC4 2019 on the theme of social justice. All abstracts will be evaluated by the conference committee and are selected according to international conference standards. Abstracts should be 300-400 words long.

Teachers and practitioners have the option to present at the Forum which is less academic in nature and focuses on their personal experiences in Islamic Schools. The Forum can be seen as a practical dimension of the Conference.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational politics
  • Globalised educational policy discourses
  • Educational leadership and justice
  • Educator efficacy
  • Super diversity
  • Social Justice in Islam (Jurisprudential, historical and otherwise, and its application to Islamic Schools)
  • Muslim learners and identity politics
  • Citizenship and Muslim learners
  • Dignity and the Muslim learner
  • Education as counterterrorism
  • Politics of surveillance, radicalisation and extremism 
  • Islamophobia
  • Inequalities and exclusion
  • Inclusion
  • Equity
  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Pedagogical justice
  • Curricular justice
  • Critical literacy and justice
  • Preparing cosmopolitan citizens working for global social justice
  • Social justice possibilities for classroom educators
  • Critical learners and social action/activism
Abstract Submission Deadline: 28 February 2019

Areas of study and research

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