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AMSI-CIAM Optimisation and Control Day 2011

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City West Campus, University of South Australia
Saturday, 29 January 2011

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), and the Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CIAM) at the University of South Australia (UniSA), sponsor this one-day workshop. The workshop features nine prominent speakers and provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discover new trends. Postgraduate students and early-career researchers in all walks of Applied Mathematics are particularly welcome.  

Organizers: Regina S Burachik and C Yalçin Kaya, School of Mathematics and Statistics, and Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CIAM), University of South Australia

Venue: Room RR5-09 (Rowland Rees Building), City West Campus, University of South Australia

The workshop venue is most easily accessible via George Street at the campus (see the City West Campus map).

Registration:  Registration for this one-day workshop is free.  To register, send an e-mail to and provide your Name, Department or School, and Institution.

List of Participants: Optimization and Control Day Attendee List (pdf File, 46KB)

Photos: Workshop Photographs





Welcome Address


Hans Josef Pesch (University of Bayreuth)

The maximum principle of optimal control: a history of
ingenious ideas and missed opportunities


Kok Lay Teo (Curtin University)

An exact penalty function method for continuous inequality
constrained optimal control problems


Morning Tea-Coffee


Jonathan Borwein (University of Newcastle)

On difference convex functions


Alex Kruger (University of Ballarat)

Stability of error bounds for convex constrained systems


Chat/Discussion period for all participants




Helmut Maurer (University of Muenster)

Optimal controls minimizing tumour volume for a mathematical
model of combination therapy


Roberto Cominetti (Universidad de Chile)

Short-term revenue management: optimal targeting of customers
for a last minute offer


Vladimir Gaitsgory (University of South Australia)

Use of semi-infinite linear programming for constructing an
approximate subsolution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation
and finding near optimal controls


 Afternoon Tea-Coffee


Adil Bagirov (University of Ballarat)

Nonconvex piecewise linear optimization: optimality conditions
and numerical methods


Andrew Eberhard (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Optimality conditions in nonsmooth analysis via approximation

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