Our people

Researchers at the Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics primarily have theoretical and applied mathematics backgrounds and come from the School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences as well as from other areas within the University of South Australia.


Professor John Boland
Renewable energy, forecasting, heat transfer, water, ecological footprint

Deputy Director

A/Professor Peter Pudney
Optimal control, scheduling, transport, renewable energy

Academic Staff

Dr Jorge Aarao
Partial differential equations, probabilistic methods in analysis 

Dr Amie Albrecht
Energy-efficient transport, scheduling, operations research 

Dr Timofei Bogomolov

A/Professor Regina Burachik
Optimisation, analysis 

Dr Gerald Cheang
Finance, stochastic processes, asset pricing, non-parametric estimation, model selection 

Dr Belinda Chiera
High-dimensional communications networks, detecting hidden terrorist cells, environmental modelling 

Dr Nick Fewster-Young

Professor Jim Hill

Dr Yalcin Kaya
Optimisation, control, numerical methods 

Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz
Finance, risk, environmental modelling 

A/Professor Anatoli Torokhti
Modelling, analysis, data processing, differential and integral equations 

A/Professor Lesley Ward
Complex analysis, harmonic analysis, internet search algorithms, industrial mathematics 

Dr Kevin White
Operations research, scheduling

Research Staff

Dr Gertrud Hatvani-Kovacs

Dr Geetika Verma

Dr Xuan Vu

Dr Peng Zhou

Adjunct Staff

Emeritus Professor Phil Howlett
Optimal control, water cycle management, optimisation, applied analysis

A/Professor John van der Hoek
Finance, risk

PhD students

James Abbott

Humaid Al-Badi

Erika Belchamber

Elizabeth Bradford

Luigi Cirocco

Ajini Galapitage

Hansani Kaushalya

Charles Ling

Stephanie Mills

Trang Nguyen

Joe O'Leary

Mina Rouhollahi

Areas of study and research

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