Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation-Consultancy

The Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (CERAR) is uniquely placed to provide expert consultative advice in areas relevant to its knowledge base.

In addition, the diverse background of its staff means that goal oriented teams can be rapidly formulated to tackle client specific problems on a project by project basis. The Centre also serves as an independent broker for scientific advice to government, companies and the general public providing "innovative solutions through innovative technologies."

Areas of expertise cover the diverse range necessary for the full assessment of contaminated sites and include:

  • Risk based land management
  • Site assessment
    • Environmental Risk Assessment

    • Ecological risk assessment

    • Speciation and toxicity assessment

    • Contaminant Bioaccessibility/Bioavailability Assessment

    • Analytical Method Development
    • Appropriate Remediation Technologies
    • Expert Reviews
    • Fate and Behaviour of chemicals

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Areas of study and research

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