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  • Assessment Clinic

    Assessment Clinics

    An intensive one-day program for the CEO/MD of an SME. Together with Growth Experts, the program enables CEOs to identify their company's growth inhibitors and opportunities, and develop an Action Plan to achieve growth. Limited to 5 CEOs per day.

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  • Our Business Growth Programs

    Our Business Growth Programs

    Our programs provide executives with the knowledge and skills they need to lead, manage & grow their companies. We help executives accelerate company growth, improve performance and become better leaders. 

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  • Individual Programs

    Individual Programs

    Learn about our Individual Programs and how we can design and deliver a tailored program for your executive team or for all of your staff! Please contact us for more details. 

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  • Dr Jana Matthews


    Dr Jana Matthews' programs, books, tools and consulting assistance have enabled many companies, all over the world to grow. A 10 year client sold for $1.65B (US) in May, 2014. The founders say they could never have gotten as far, as fast, without her assistance. 

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  • ANZ Business Growth Program

    ANZ Business Growth Program

    The ANZ Business Growth Program is a unique initiative for ANZ Customers that helps small & medium companies unlock their growth potential by identifying new opportunities & tackling existing challenges via a 1 day clinic & programs.

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The results from the ANZ Business Growth Program are in,
and they speak for themselves!

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The Centre for Business Growth at the University of South Australia delivers world-class business growth programs that provide executives with the knowledge and skills they need to develop as leaders, accelerate company growth and compete in a global marketplace. Our programs teach executives how to lead and manage growth via diagnostics, expert presentations, facilitated group discussions, peer-to-peer learning and action planning.


The Centre’s programs are targeted to companies with $5M to $50M in revenue and 5 to 200 employees, although we have had several companies in our programs ranging from $2M to $60M.

The CEOs/MDs and executive teams who apply for our programs must have a desire to grow their company, be coachable, and be willing to share their experiences with other executives.

We require the CEO/MD and two executives per company to attend our three-day programs, so teams can learn together, identify what is inhibiting their company’s growth and work together to develop solutions and strategies for growth. 


Here's what some companies have said about their experience wtih the Centre for Business Growth programs...

"Stop thinking about it, and do it. This program was the single most valuable 3 days I have spent developing my skills in my 19-year professional career. It is all too easy to get bogged down with day to day issues when running a medium sized business - this program hit the reset button for us and has had an immediate and stark impact on our business, the executive teams morale and the overall 'vibe' in the company." 

"Just do it!"

"Do it. Most MDs, CEOs etc. that I know believe that their businesses are operating efficiently and effectively but, given my own experience, together with my observation of and discussion with the other participants in the program, the structure of various sessions will undoubtedly result in you uncovering areas of your own businesses that will benefit from a critical review/assessment."


Featured Sponsor

ANZ is the first company to sponsor a program for a select set of its high-potential SME customers. Together, we will be working to expand the number of companies in the program with a special focus on Australian SMEs. ANZ is also pleased to announce funding for the ANZ Chair in Business Growth at UniSA and are equally pleased that Professor Jana Matthews has been appointed to this role.

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