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Academy of Management Journal – "Publishing in AMJ" series

In a seven-part series of articles, the new editorial team of the Academy of Management Journal explored what made a high quality journal article. While the main focus of some of these articles is quantitative research, each article provides advice on how to approach various sections of a paper to maximise the chance of acceptance and increase the impact on academia and society.

1. Colquitt, J.A. and George, G. (2011), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 1: Topic choice’, Academy of Management Journal, 54(3):432-435. Click here to access.

2. Bono, J.E. and McNamara G. (2011), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 2: Research design’, Academy of Management Journal, 54(4):657-660. Click here to access.

3. Grant, A.M. and Pollock, T.G. (2011), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 3: Setting the hook’, Academy of Management Journal, 54(5):873-879. Click here to access.

4. Sparrow, R.T. and Mayer, K.J. (2011), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 4: Grounding hypotheses’, Academy of Management Journal, 54(6):1098-1102. Click here to access.

5. Zhang, Y. and Shaw, J.D. (2012), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 5: Crafting the methods and results’, Academy of Management Journal, 55(1):8-12. Click here to access.

6. Geletkanycz, M. and Tepper, B.J. (2012), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 6: Discussing the implications’, Academy of Management Journal, 55(2):256-260. Click here to access.

7. Editors (2012 – in press), ‘Publishing in AMJ – Part 7: Qualitative distinctions’, Academy of Management Journal, 55(3):to be confirmed. Due June 2012

Tense in articles

Coming to grips with the use of correct tense in a paper is difficult and often determined by disciplinary practices. The general conventions regarding the use of past and present tense is explained by Day and Gastel (2006: 193-195). Click here for access (PDF 169kb). The full citation for this document is:  Day, R.A. and Gastel, B. 2006, How to write and publish a scientific paper, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, NY.


Targeting a journal

Selection of a journal for a manuscript is a systematic and purposeful action. For some advice on the processes of targeting a journal see Murray, R. (2009), Writing for academic journals, Open University Press: Maidenhead, UK. (PDF 1.4mb).

See also the page called Journal Selection for additional resources including journal ranking lists.

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