Full and Associate members 

Lodhia Sumit Associate Professor Centre Director
Tilt Carol Professor Program Director: Master of Professional Accounting
Carter Amanda Dr Lecturer
Qian Wei Dr Senior Lecturer
Shauki Elvia Dr Lecturer
Stone Gerard Dr Program Director
Rahim Mia Dr Senior Lecturer
Tucker Basil Dr Senior Lecturer
Yam Sharon Dr Program Director*
Christ Katherine Dr Tutor
* Currently on leave
Associate Members    
Briggs Susan Dr Lecturer in Accounting
Johnson Phil Mr Lecturer in Accounting
Kaur Amanpreet Ms Tutor in Accounting
Khan Mansoor Dr Lecturer in Accounting
Lim Mei Dr Program Director: Master of International Business
Medlin John
Dr Associate Head: Teaching and Learning
Prider Heather Ms Lecturer in Accounting
Copeland Scott Mr Senior Lecturer - Teaching Academic
McGowan Sue Ms Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Kuruppu Sanjaya Dr Lecturer in Accounting
Seidel Benjamin Mr Tutor in Accounting
 Rao Kathy Ms Lecturer

Research Students

All students supervised by full and associate members of a research concentration will be considered to belong to that research concentration. Where students are supervised by two staff members from different research concentrations they will naturally follow the full member unless otherwise agreed.

Alshorman Salah Aldain Mr PhD
Azzam Mohammad Mr PhD
Dodd Tracey Ms PhD
Panchal Mitali Ms PhD
Suryani Ani Ms PhD
 Kandunias Chris Mr PhD
 Middleton Shane Mr PhD
 Dissanayake Dinithi Ms PhD
 McMillan James Ms PhD
 Ari Suryawasti I Gustyi Ms PhD

Areas of study and research

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