AAAJ and APIRA Conferences

AAAJ Focus and profile

Professor Lee Parker of the School of Commerce, is joint founding editor, with Professor James Guthrie of the University of Sydney, of Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (AAAJ). AAAJ is a world recognised international interdisciplinary accounting research journal dedicated to the advancement of accounting knowledge through interdisciplinary, critical and historical perspectives. It focuses on research into the interaction between accounting/auditing and their socio-economic, institutional, and political environments. The research it publishes is predominantly informed by the disciplines of sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, history, and anthropology. The AAAJ editorial board numbers over 50 leading scholars assisted by an ad hoc referee community of over 200 researchers internationally.

AAAJ has been publishing accounting research for over 20 years and is now a pre-eminent leader of interdisciplinary accounting research publication. It is consistently ranked among the most esteemed journals across the accounting research field by scholars internationally. In its own field of interdisciplinary and critical accounting research, AAAJ dominates the field, being consistently rated alongside the journals Accounting, Organisations and Society, and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

The AAAJ APIRA Conferences

AAAJ convenes a prestigious series of international interdisciplinary accounting research conferences – Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research In Accounting (APIRA) conference. This conference is convened on a triennial basis, in agreed rotation with the European Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting and the New York Critical Perspectives on Accounting conferences. APIRA has been convened in Sydney (1995)Osaka (1998)Adelaide (2001), Singapore (2004), Auckland (2007) and Sydney (2010). It will next convene in Kobe in 2013.

The APIRA conferences provide an international forum and showcase for research on the social, political, and institutional aspects of accounting theory and practice. They attract the leading interdisciplinary accounting scholars from around the world. Auckland APIRA 2007 hosted 300 delegates attending 200 paper presentations, and convened an accompanying Emerging Scholars Colloquium that hosted 50 emerging scholars mentored by 17 professorial faculty from around the world.

Areas of study and research

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