Director Fiona Arney launches timely new book

Working with Vulnerable Families, 2nd ed

Director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection, Professor Fiona Arney launched her new book, Working with Vulnerable Families: A partnership approach (2nd edition) on 13 November 2013.

Edited by Professor Fiona Arney, Director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection, and Emeritus Professor Dorothy Scott, Working with Vulnerable Families (2nd edition) explores the ways in which health, education and social welfare professionals can support and protect children and their families.

The fully revised and updated edition features eight new chapters and includes recent research and programs on relationship-based family support, parental substance misuse, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, and children and family violence.

With learning goals, local case studies and links to online resources, Professor Arney's book is designed to be a valuable and timely new resource for practitioners and students. The book has also been garnering widespread attention and support from key child and family protection agencies and organisations.

Areas of study and research

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