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Australian Centre for Child Protection

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    SURVEY: How do children's behaviours affect carers?

      If you are a foster carer and want to do this survey

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    National Child Protection Week Annual Forum - watch online!

    The Centre presented the NCPW annual forum, titled 'New findings from child protection' on 09 September to a packed audience.

    Learn more and watch online!
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    Centre provides expert comment on Aboriginal children in out of home care

    Director Fiona Arney provides expert media commentary on upcoming SA Royal Commission into the safety of at risk children, stating it requires a focus on Aboriginal children

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    Centre leaders respond to the proposed SA Royal Commission into the Safety of At Risk Children

    The Centre has provided the Minister a Response to the Terms of Reference for proposed South Australian Royal Commission.

    Read our response
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    Centre provides expert comment on the recent case of alleged institutional child sexual abuse

    Leading child protection expert and Deputy Director of the Centre, A/Prof Leah Bromfield comments on recent allegations.

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    Centre applauds the announcement of the Senate inquiry into children in out-of-home care

    We address the widespread failings of Australian out-of-home care systems, and provide evidence and expertise to support new solutions and quality improvement in this area.

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    International FASD Awareness Day, 09 September - Forum on key findings

    We are at the forefront of emerging areas of research in child protection, like FASD. We mark the Day by presenting 'key findings on interventions for children with FASD'.

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    National Child Protection Week: Centre leads campaign

    Celebrating NAPCAN's National Child Protection Week, the Centre is delivering a series of presentations on 09 September showcasing the latest in child protection research, innovation and practice.

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Driving innovation in child protection policy and practice

The Australian Centre for Child Protection is dedicated to research that focuses on practical tools and techniques that benefit front-line staff in child and family protective services so that they can truly help children and families.

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