Supporting success

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Supporting Success

Mentoring students with special needs

Modbury Special SchoolThe Grove Education Centre and the South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI) cater to children from Adelaide who have special education needs.

Students are sought to mentor and support, and run programs for these children, some of which have demonstrated great success over a long period of time.  UniSA students have played a key role in this work.

Students will be required to attend classes and assist in the classroom in ways which support learning, self esteem and success. It is hoped that in working with the students, you will gain an understanding of autism or vision impairment and other disabilities while building meaningful mentoring relationships. These are rewarding projects which will suit students from all discipline areas.

Projects include:

  • Mentoring children in class and providing much needed assistance to teachers
  • Assisting young children with severe disabilities to find ways of participating in their communities
  • Assisting with the transition of children who have a vision impairment from secondary to high school
  • Resource-making for young students with Autism
  • Developing a school garden
  • Assisting with an art exhibition to raise funds
  • Building bridges; exploring science and bringing STEM programs into the classroom
  • Assisting with recriation and mobility programs
  • Building community connections.

Nikki Haskell

The Grove Education Centre

Peter Haskell

South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI)

Ginny Pyatt

Modbury Special School

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