Royal Society for the Blind projects

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The Royal Society for the Blind provides assistance to those who experience vision loss.   The organisation provides employment services; assistance with orientation or mobility and low vision services to assist people to make the most of remaining sight.

Students are sought for a number of projects.  Ideally, they will also undertake a volunteer component which may include providing assistance with driving; administration; sport or facilitating coffee and movie groups.

Project 1 :  White Cane Day Campaign

White Cane Day is an international event which creates community awareness about vision impairment and mobility.

Students are asked to undertake a variety of tasks in the lead up to this event (October 15).   These tasks include:

  • Working with TransAdelaide to create awareness about vision imparment and mobility
  • Developing a public relations campaign about mobility with a human interest focus
  • Marketing the mobility services of RSB.

The project will suit marketing; commerce; public relations/communications and/or health science students.

Project 2:  The Swiss Army Knife App

A student/team of students is sought to develop a mobile device app which contains useful tools for people with a vision impairment (for example, a liquid level finder or money finder).

This project will suit computer science students.

Project 3:  Service evaluation

Students are sought to assist with the design and implementation of service evalution.

This project will suit social work/social science or health science students.

Community Partners

Georgia Nichols-Pavey and Pam Johnston

Royal Society for the Blind

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