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Community Service Learning is where university discipline knowledge meets community need.

Students have been participating in projects for three years - running dinners for Anti-Poverty Week; working on engineering projects for Riding for the Disabled; mentoring children with special needs at Modbury Special School and lending a hand where it is needed.

In exchange, the students have been developing career-bankable skills for their CVs.

A unique opportunity exists for a duo of Journalism students to explore the potential of Community Service Learning Projects through a range of media.

It is envisaged students will:

  • Manage and write the Where Uni Meets Community blog
  • Identify, write and promote human interest stories to internal UniSA media
  • Work in collaboration with community partners to raise the profile of their work, as it relates to student projects
  • Run a seminar around using the media and news values for Community Service Learning students
  • Source stories around larger issues of economic and social importance.

Through this work, you will gain a unique opportunity to network with a range of government, semi-government and not-for-profit organisations, while gaining a good insight into the big picture community issues which affect us all.

This is a resume building project for the right students and participation in the project will be competitive.

If you want to make a difference to community, and you are interested in developing your skills in the areas listed above contact me directly.

Project Contact

Andrea Duff (MA Journalism)
Course Coordinator
Community Service Learning Projects 1 & 2
University of South Australia 

Areas of study and research

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