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Community Garden

Mawson Lakes Community Garden

As a result of 2,500 responses on UniJam, Mawson Lakes has been selected as the campus to pilot UniSA's first community garden. The garden will include a combination of perennial fruit trees and vegetable plots. There are two aspects to your involvement. One will involve developing strategic approaches, and the other building the garden.

Potential student projects include:

  • Surveying staff and students about potential uses for the garden
  • Designing, building and planting the garden
  • The continuation of the 'office composting' process
  • Watering and maintenance
  • Developing a communication and publicity strategy to bring students to the garden
  • Creating a garden blog and social media strategy
  • Interpretative elements (eg signage)
  • Investigating additional creative and social uses for the garden space.

Students from across the disciplines are welcome.

Community Partner:

Alexandra Gaut

Senior Project Officer: Student Experience


African Farmers' Market Garden

By Joshua Whiton (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a cultural project, designed to build community and agricultural capacity among a group of aspiring African farmers, who are new to Australia.

In 2014, a Community Service Learning Student developed a business model for this group who are currently working with the City of Salisbury to find suitable land.

Students are sought to do the following jobs for this group, who have already successfully grown crops from their home country:

  • Planning the garden
  • Researching legislative requirements with government departments and Council
  • Developing concept plans
  • Researching the importation of seeds and other agricultural materials

Students with writing and communication skills are also sought to 'tell the stories' of this unique group of residents and their aspirations.   The stories are compelling for the journeys to Australia; the reasons for farming; the aspirations for youth and the farming methods involved.   It is hoped the stories provide the following:

  • A media campaign
  • Making a case for funding
  • Materials for brochures
  • A blog or internet interface
  • Branding

Students sought will come from:  Urban and Regional Planning; Commerce; Civil Engineering; Environmental Science; design; architecture; communications; marketing and/or journalism.

Contact for information:

Andrea Duff
Community Service Learning Course Coordinator

Areas of study and research

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