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 Projects with Family Zone Ingle Farm Hub

The Family Zone Hub is part of Salisbury Communities for Children. The goal of the program is to increase the skills and confidence of young parents. Family Zone runs a number of projects which provide assistance with Centrelink; a creche; Conversation groups for people with English as a second language.

Primarily coordinated through Lutheran Community Care, Family Zone draws upon many organisations and agencies to run its projects.

It hopes to draw on the expertise of students to develop the following projects.

Project 1 - Homework Club

Homework and mentoring

Students from varying disciplines are sought to establish a homework club. 95% of children using the Family Zone program have English as a Second Language and have a great need for tutoring assistance around maths, reading and other areas of academic assistance.

Students from all disciplines are welcome to join this project, and particularly students who are undertaking TESOL and/or maths.

Project 2 - Antenatal and postnatal classes and programs

Exercise classes

Human Movement, Physiotherapy and/or students with qualifications in fitness training are sought to run fitness classes for women who have recently given birth.

Mental Health Programs

Students are sought to establish and/or facilitate a mental health program for new mums including:

  • A post natal depression support group
  • Preparing for baby workshops
  • Cafe groups

Project 3 - ESL Literacy sessions

Some new arrivals to Australia have difficulty accessing English classes due to Visa restrictions.

There is an urgent need to establish an English for Adults program to both help reduce social isolation and develop work readiness.

This project would ideally suit TESOL/Education students.

Community Partner

Kathlene Wilson
Family Zone Hub

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