Engineering Week


Engineering Week 18 - 22 September 2017

Engineering Week gives students the opportunity to learn theoretical knowledge and apply it to practical problems, while gaining an understanding of civil, electrical, mechanical, and mechatronic engineering.

With help from UniSA staff and student mentors, the students solve a problem, and improve on the solution by testing variables including speed, pressure, weight and volume.

At the end of the week teams are awarded for the best solution. 

Engineering Week aims to: 

  • Show the practical and advanced application of maths and science
  • Expose students to engineering and promote an interest in STEM subjects
  • Encourage students to pursue engineering
  • Engage students in a week long, hands-on renewable energy engineering project
  • Explore the engineering disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical and mechatronic
  • Collaborate with academic staff and university engineering students

Engineering Week Overview

Watch our discipline specific videos here: 

Civil Engineering 

Electrical & Electronic



Nominate a student

To nominate a student who has an interest in engineering, or a strong aptitude in science and maths download the application form here

Nominations close Friday 1 September 2017. Successful students will be contacted by Friday 8 September 2017 outlining next steps. Those who are unsuccessful will be placed on a waiting list.

More information: 

Contact: ITEE Events Team

P: +61 8 8302 3792


Areas of study and research

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