Our Staff

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School Leadership Team



Prof Duncan Campbell

Head of School

Prof Anthony Finn

Director (Defence and Systems Institute) Assoc Head: Research

A/Prof David Cropley

Assoc Head: Teaching and Learning

Ms Renae Leverenz

School Manager

A/Prof Kutluyil Dogancay 

Electrical/Mechatronic Discipline Leader

Dr Romeo Marian

Mechanical Discipline Leader

Dr Doug Drury

Aviation Discipline Leader


Program Directors

Dr Jan Rose


Dr Andrew Michelmore

LBAM - Bachelor of Science (Advanced Materials)

Mr Nick Mermelengas

LBCV - Bachelor of Aviation

Dr Yee Wei Law 

LBIF/LHIF – Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical

LHEG – Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronic

Dr Ke Xing

LBMR/LHMR - Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical

Dr Russell Brinkworth

LMEB -  Master of Engineering – Autonomous Systems

Dr Sang-Heon Lee

LMEB - Master of Engineering – Engineering Management

LMENO - Master of Engineering Management - OUA

OBMR - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - offshore

OMTM - Master of Engineering Management - offshore

Dr Arek Dadej 

LMEL – Master of Engineering - Electrical Power

Dr Yousef Amer

LMSUO - Supply Chain Management  - OUA

Dr Muhammad Uddin

LTEN Associate Degree in Engineering

Dr Zorica Nedic

OBIF - Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) - offshore


Academic Staff


Mahfuz Aziz

Javaan Chahl

John Fielke

Anthony Finn

David Lancaster

Wasim Saman

Frank Bruno

Krasi Vasilev

Associate Professors

Kazem Abhary

David Cropley

Kutluyil Dogancay

Jun Ma

Chandra Singh

Shahraam Afshar Vahid

 Jason Whittle

Senior Lecturers

Dr Saiful Bari

Dr Russell Brinkworth

Dr Arek Dadej

Dr Doug Drury

Dr Mohammed Haque

Dr Alex Hariz

Dr Hung-Yao Hsu

Dr Sang-Heon Lee

Dr Romeo Marian

Dr Zorica Nedic

Dr Bruce Wedding

Dr Puthenparampil Wilson

Dr Ke Xing



Dr Alemu Alemu

Dr Yousef Amer

Dr Darren Ellis

Dr Yee Wei Law

Dr Steve Leib

Mr Nick Mermelengas

Mrs Lee-Anne Palubinski

Dr Silvia Pignata

Dr Aruna Ranganathan

Dr Jan Rose

Mr Shivvaan Sathasilvam

Dr Chun Tseng

Dr Mohammad Uddin


Academic Research Staff

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Martin Belusko

Dr Andrew Michelmore

Research Fellows

Dr Stephen Berry

Dr George Chen

Dr Jack Desbiolles

Dr Alexandre Fancois

Dr Feng Rice

Dr Yvonne Kang

Dr Champak Khurmi

Dr Ming Liu

Dr Dale Otten

Dr Nicolas Riesen

Dr Philip Roetman

Dr Chris Saunders

Dr Wen Qi Zhang


Research Associate

Dr Manju Agrawal

Mr Lui Cirocco

Dr Bin Huang

Dr Maryam Shirmohammadi

Dr Mustafa Ucgul

Dr David Whaley

Research Assistant

Hayley Tindle


Professional Staff

Renae Leverenz - School Manager

Jean Lim - Team Leader: Academic Services

Patrick O'Sullivan - Team Leader:Technical

Paul White - Technical Officer - Timetabler

Danielle Richardson - Personal Assistant to the Head of School

Senior Academic Services Officers

Tina Christopoulos

Kerry Ferguson

Dale Perin 

Academic Services Officers

Amy Albanese

Elizabeth Csavas

Elena Del Moral Martinez 

Leonie Gallasch

Karen McCarthy

Emma Rogers

Claudia Deese-Linder

Administrative Assistants

Pamela Torres

Deidre Armour

Technical Staff

Andrew Burge - Senior Research Engineer

Raymond Liddle - Test Facility Manager

Dean Thiele - Technical Assistant

Technical Officers

Peter Bain

Phil Dixon

Anthony Duffy

Ucu Maksudi

Frank O'Riley

Angelo Pietrobon

Daniel Pincher

Adjunct Staff

Dr Atiya Al-Zuheri

Prof Farhan Faruqi

Dr Tim Ferris

Dr Kym Fraser

Dr Janti Gunawan

Mr Ali Khosravan

Dr Brian Kirke

Dr Stewart Martin

Dr Ramadas Narayanan 

Ms Monica Oliphant

Dr John Pockett

Mr Christian Reynolds

Prof Derek Rogers

Dr John Rolls

Dr Nasser Saber

Prof Stewart Schreckengast

Dr Sead Spuzic

Areas of study and research

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