Visualise your thesis competition

Visualise Your Thesis competition

Visualise Your Thesis is an exciting new competition created by the University of Melbourne that challenges graduate researchers to present their research in a 60 second, eye-catching digital display. Using a pre-supplied template, entrants are tasked with developing a striking looped presentation to encapsulate their research projects in short, engaging, digital narratives. Competition submissions are judged on their visual impact, and how well the content presents the research. The digital format allows for different levels of creativity, multi-media, interactivity and interpretation and is suitable for all disciplines.

This competition is open to candidates at all stages of candidature, including those yet to complete their Confirmation of Candidature. The winner of the Divisional Visualise Your Thesis competition 2018 will go on to compete in the National online showcase hosted by The University of Melbourne in October 2018.


First Place $300.00 gift card
Second Place $200.00 gift card
Third Place $100.00 gift card

How to register to participate

Please contact ITEE Research to register your participation. Once your email has been received we will provide you with details of support and coaching.

Closing Date for Entries – 24 August 2018.


UniSA Visualise Your Thesis Powerpoint Template 


Submission Checklist

Competition Terms

Digital Video Learning – online support to making videos

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Areas of study and research

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