Our research supervisors

Civil Engineering


Professor Julie Mills


Professor Julie Mills
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office: P2-39
Phone: +61 8 830 23073
City East Office BJ3-13
Phone: +61 8 830 22357

Field of Experience

  • Engineering education
  • Women in engineering
  • Steel structures such as transmission towers
  • Cold-formed steel structures
  • Crumb rubber concrete and concrete structures


James Ward

Dr James Ward
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office P2-35
Phone: +61 8 830 23128

 Field of Experience

  • Optimisation of urban food production
  • Integrated aquaculture & horticulture (incl. aquaponics)
  • Hydraulics of pipe systems
  • 'Peak oil' and modelling global resource depletion
  • Greenhouse gas emissions scenarios for climate change modelling

Hear Dr James Ward speak about his research on fossil fuel modeling and climate change.


Chris Chow


Professor Chris Chow
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-16
Phone: +61 8 830 23670

Field of Experience


  • Water Treatment Technology Development and Full Scale Implementation
  • Water Treatment Process & Distribution System Modelling
  • Advanced Water Quality Monitoring & Process Optimisation (Real-Time Data Analytics)
  • Analytical Chemistry & Sensor Development for Environmental Applications
  • Blue Green Algae Management
  • Natural Organic Matter Characterisation



John Van Leeuwen


Professor John Van Leeuwen
Civil Engineering 

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office: H3-26
Phone: +61 8 830 25497


Field of Experience

  • Water and wastewater quality
  • Water and wastewater treatment processes
  • Modelling of water and wastewater treatment
  • Catchment factors and processes that impact on water quality



 Professor Simon Beecham

Dr Guna Hewa Alankarage
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office P2-36
Phone: +61 8 830 23094 


Field of Experience

  • Ungauged catchment predictions
  • Flood and Low Flow Hydrology
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Hydrological Losses and Catchment Modelling
  • Reclaimed Water for Irrigation
  • Land-use Change and Climate Change Impacts on Catchment Hydrology


Dr Xing Ma


Dr Xing Ma
Civil Engineering
Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office: P2-38
Phone: +61 8 830 23109


Field of Experience

  • Steel tower and mast structures
  • Long-span structures
  • Thin-skinned composite structures
  • Structural applications of sustainable concrete materials
  • Unilateral contact problems in structural engineering
  • Nonlinear dynamics and wind-induced vibration


Professor Yan Zhuge
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-39
Phone: +61 8 30 23093

Field of Experience

  • Fibre composite structures
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Fibre reinforced cementitious composite (FRCC) materials
  • Retrofitting of concrete and masonry structures using FRP
  • Crumb rubber concrete and concrete structures


Dr Mizanur Rahman

A/Prof Mizanur Rahman
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office  P2-42A
Phone: +61 8 830 25899

Field of Experience 

  • Liquefaction behaviour of sandy soil, particularly the effect of fines
  • Application of Critical State Soil Mechanics, CSSM
  • Advanced tri-axial testing (stress path control)
  • Discrete element method, DEM
  • Characterization of recycled pavement materials
  • Unsaturated soil mechanics
Tom Benn

Mr Tom Benn
Civil Engineering

Mawson Lakes Office P2-16
Phone: +61 8 830 25293

Field of Experience

  • Concrete technology including;
    • Cement and supplementary cementitious materials
    • Concrete materials including aggregates & admixtures
    • Concrete placing and curing
  • Proportioning of concrete mixes
  • Testing of concrete in laboratory and on site
  • Concrete durability
  • Concrete repairs
  • Australian Standards related to concrete, concrete materials, cement & supplementary cementitious materials


Mr Faisal Ahammed

Dr Faisal Ahammed
Civil Engineering 

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-08
Phone:  +61 8 830 23534


 Field of Experience 

  • Water sensitive urban design;
  • Stormwater management;
  • Engineering economics;
  • Climate change adaptation on water resources;
  • Water policy for developing countries;
  • Solar energy.


 Dr Sekhar Somenahalli Dr Sekhar Somenahalli
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office  P2.47
Phone: +61 8 830 21855

 Field of Experience
  • Public Transport Service Planning
  • Ageing and Transport
  • Land use impacts on Transport
  • Transport Network Vulnerability
  • Road Safety
  • GIS applications in planning and environmental studies
 Wen Long Yue

Dr Wen Long Yue
Adjunct Senior Lecturer - Civil Engineering 

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-44
Phone:  +61 8 83021859



 Field of Experience
  • Land use transport planning
  • Transport systems modelling
  • Public transport operation and scheduling
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic signal evaluations
  • Road safety engineering
  • Road safety audit
  • Logistics operation, management and planning

Dr Baden Myers
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office H3-19c
Phone: +61 8 830 26760


Field of Experience


  • Urban drainage and hydrology
  • Water sensitive urban design (WSUD)
  • Green infrastructure
  • Laboratory quality management
  • Runoff modelling
  • Water quality modelling


Professor Simon Beecham

 Professor Simon Beecham
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office MC2-28
Phone: +61 8 830 23202 

Field of Experience

  • Climate Change Impacts on Water Systems
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Siphonic Roofwater Harvesting
  • Use of Green Infrastructure to Reduce Urban Heat Island Effects
Don Cameron

Dr Don Cameron
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Civil Engineering

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-70
Phone: +61 8 830 25108


Field of Experience 

  • Identification of expansive clay and collapsing silty sand
  • Footing design for problem soils
  • Water demand of trees and associated soil settlement
  • Thermal properties of soils
  • Characterization of recycled C&D waste for pavement construction
  • Additives and processes for in-situ recycling of flexible pavements


Construction and Project Management
Rameez Rameezdeen

 A/Prof Rameez Rameezdeen
Construction and Project Management 

Eligible to Supervise 

City East Office BJ3-28
Phone: +61 8 830 21046

Field of Experience

  • Construction accidents, health and safety
  • Construction risk management
  • Construction waste management
  • Reverse logistics'
  • Green building evaluation
  • Disaster reconstruction
 Dr Nicholas Chileshe Dr Nicholas Chileshe
Construction and Project Management

Eligible to Supervise

City East Office: BJ3-22
Phone: +61 8 830 21854

 Field of Experience
  • Total Quality Management
  • Application of Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
  • Modelling of Critical Success Factors
  • Project Management and Assessment Maturity Models
  • Risk and Value Management
  • Waste Management & Reverse Logistics (Drivers, Practices and Barriers)
Dr Jeremy Coggins

Dr Jeremy Coggins
Construction and Project Managment

City East Office BJ3-42
Phone: +61 8 830 21069

Field of Experience

  • Construction industry payment legislation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Construction law
  • Construction economics
  • Project procurement
John Gelder

Mr John Gelder
Construction and Project Management 

City East Office BJ3-48
Phone +61 8 830 22228 

Field of Experience

  • Construction documentation
  • Specification
  • Construction products and materials
  • Classification
  • History of construction documentation
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
 Jacqueline Jepson Ms Jacqueline Jepson
Construction and Project Management
City East Office BJ3-11
Phone: +61 8 830 22445
 Field of Experience
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Project risk management
  • Financial management
  • Forecasting and Data Analysis
  • Corporate Budgeting and Strategic Planning
Dr Tony Ma

Dr Tony Ma
Construction and Project Management

Eligible to Supervise 

City East Office BJ3-19
Phone: +61 8 830 22238

Field of Experience

  • Innovation in Tendering
  • Project Procurement
  • Cost Control and Value Management
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracting
  • Infrastructure Development & Public Private Partnership
  • Project Management application
Jorge Ochoa Paniagua

Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua
Construction and Project Management

Eligible to Supervise 

City East Office BJ3-18
Phone: +61 8 830 21250

 Field of Experience


  • Sustainable Construction
  • Regenerative Construction
  • Green Buildings
  • Lean Construction
  • Sustainable Urbanisation
  • Climate Change Adaptation
Timothy O'Leary

Dr Timothy O'Leary
Construction and Project Management 

Eligible to Supervise

City East Office BJ3-23
Phone: +61 8 830 22921

Field of Experience

  • Development and Feasibility Economics
  • Quantity Surveying and Design Economics
  • Construction Cost Control
  • Residential Energy Performance and Disclosure
  • Housing Industry Economics
  • Housing Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Mr Anthony Wood

Mr Anthony Wood
Construction and Project Management 

City East Office BJ3-51
Phone: +61 8 830 21047

Field of Experience

  • Project and Program Management
  • Project Planning and Delivery
  • Project Management Office
  • Project Methodologies and Maturity Models
  • Team Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management
Associate Professor David Ness

Associate Professor David Ness
Natural and Built Environments
Research Centre

Eligible to Supervise

City East Office BJ3-60
Phone: +61 8 830 21821

Field of Experience

  • Pro-poor infrastructure
  • Resource efficiency
  • Systems and synergies
  • Product-service innovation
  • Strategic asset management
  • Collaboration with Asia


 Environmental & Geospatial Science
Peter Teasdale

Professor Peter Teasdale

Environmental & Geospatial Science

Mawson Lakes Office: P2-42
Phone: +61 8302 25183

Field of Experience

  • Developing improved environmental sampling and analysis techniques
  • Understanding natural and human-impacted environmental processes
  • Investigating the form and behaviour of environmental contaminants in whole systems

Tom Raimondo

A/Prof Tom Raimondo
Environmental & Geospatial Science

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office: P1-39
Phone: +61 8 830 26661

Field of Experience 

  • Metamorphic geology
  • Stable isotope geochemistry
  • Fluid–rock interaction
  • Tectonics
  • Structural geology
  • Intraplate deformation

Hear Dr Tom Raimondo speak about his research on the mountain belt system in central Australia.


 Gunnar Keppel

A/Prof Gunnar Keppel
Environmental & Geospatial Science 

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-19
Phone:+61 8 830 25137

Field of Experience
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Climate change refugia
  • Island biogeography
  • Plant community assembly


 Sophie (Topa) Petit

A/Prof Sophie (Topa) Petit
Environmental & Geospatial Science
Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office P2-37
Phone:+61 8 830 25194

Field of Experience
  • biodiversity conservation and management
  • wildlife ecology and ethics
  • plant-animal interactions (especially flower visitation and pollination by bats, pygmy-possums, invertebrates)
  • nectar ecology
  • shelter ecology
  • keystone mutualisms


Albert Juhasz

A/Prof Albert Juhasz
Environmental & Geospatial Science - FII

Eligible to Supervise

Mawson Lakes Office X1-17
Phone: +61 8 830 25045


Field of Experience 

  • Assessment of conta minated sites
  • Development of (bio)remediation technologies for environmental contaminants
  • Measurement and prediction of human health exposure to environmental contaminants
  • Assessment of contaminant bioavailability using vivo and in vitro techniques
  • Ecological impacts of environmental contamination


Mr Paul Corcoran

Dr Paul Corcoran
Environmental & Geospatial Science

Mawson Lakes Office: P2-09 or F2-58
Phone:  +61 8 830 21852 or +61 8 830 25788

Field of Experience 

  • Governmental mapping
  • Governmental surveying
  • Examining barriers and enablers in relation to increasing the use of Spatial Information for novices
  • Flipped and Blended Spatial Information learning
  • Spatial Information Education
  • Spatial Information business issues
 Ian Clark

Adjunct A/Prof Ian Clark
Environmental & Geospatial Science
Eligible to Supervise

City East Campus: BJ3-28
Phone: +61 830 21393

 Field of Experience

  • Groundwater in fractured rocks
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydrogeochemistry
  • Sustainable management of groundwater
  • Geoscience Education
  • Sustainability
 Dr Sandra Taylor Dr Sandra Taylor
Environmental & Geospatial Science

City East Office: BJ3-61
Phone: +61 8 830 21048

 Field of Experience
  • urban biodiversity conservation and restoration
  • urban wildlife management
  • ecotourism
  • environmental history
  • citizen science
  • Australian nature writing

Associate Professor David Bruce


 Adjunct A/Prof David Bruce
Environmental & Geospatial Science

Eligible to Supervise 

Mawson Lakes Office: P1-38
Phone: +61 8 830 21856
Field of Experience
  • Main research is in satellite and airborne remote sensing and GIS
  • Current research relates to use of high spatial resolution imagery in urban and vegetation studies
  • I have in the past and continue to work with polarimetric SAR for vegetation and plant mapping
  • I also work with airborne LiDAR data in urban applications

Current PhD topics

  • Remote sensing of vegetation for inputs to desertification models
  • Remote sensing of coral reef density
  • Access to spatial information
  • Spectral reflectance of soil lead concentration
  • Remote sensing of wetlands
  • Modelling of atmospheric dust
  • Use of remote sensing in policy administration
  • Urban biodiversity and urban density modelling

Areas of study and research

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