Our HDR Candidates

* Denotes Adjunct Supervisor

Civil Engineering


Topic/Thesis Title


Strand / Program

Ahmed Sheta

Structural performance of double-skin profiled steel sheets composite wall panels infilled with lightweight aggregate rubberized concrete

AsPr Xing Ma, Prof Yan Zhuge, Prof Julie Mills, Mr Ashesh Singh, Dr Elzayed Metwally, Prof Mohamed Elgawady

Civil Engineering

Ali Al-Gemeel

Development and characterisation of hybrid engineered cementitious composite (ECC) and its application to column retrofitting

 Prof Yan Zhuge, Dr Xing Ma, Prof Guoxing Lu, 

 Civil Engineering

Andrea Parks

Supporting prospective students: recruitment for student success

Prof Julie Mills, Assoc. Prof Delene Weber, Prof Karin Barovich, Prof Martin Westwell

Civil Engineering

Bernard (Tom) Benn

The effect of high limestone mineral addition and cement kiln dust on chloride penetration of concrete

Prof Julie Mills, AsPr Xing Ma, AsPr Daksh Baweka. 

Civil Engineering

Branko Stazic

Linking macro level strategic transport forecasting models and traffic microsimulation models to enhance transportation analysis process

Prof Michael Taylor *, Dr Wen Long Yue *

Transport Engineering

Callum Sleep

The potential for a transport mode shift to improve the sustainability of travel in the suburbs of South Eastern Australia

Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, Dr Andrew Allan

Civil Engineering

Cameron Hopkins

Sustainable in-situ cold recycling of local roads

Dr Don Cameron, Dr Mizanur Rahman

Civil Engineering

Dinesh Ratnayake

Initial soil moisture effects on flash flood forecasting in the urbanised catchments in South Australian semi-arid climate

Dr Guna Hewa, Mr David Pezzaniti, Dr Chrissie Bloss, Mr Christopher Wright

Civil Engineering

Essam Eltayeb

The role of unreinforced masonry walls in the lateral resistance of buildings

Dr Xing Ma, Prof Julie Mills, Mr Ashesh Singh

Civil Engineering

Eugene Moore

Development of a low-tech, low-cost alternative to aquaponics, integrating agriculture and aquaculture

Dr James Ward, Prof Chris Saint

Civil Engineering

Farid Khayyer

Modelling the liquefaction behaviour of sand with fines and the effect of bio-cementation

Dr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Farjana Akhter

Economic analysis of water sensitive urban design technologies

Dr Guna Hewa, Dr Faisal Ahammed, Dr Baden Myers, Prof John Argue *

Civil Engineering

Ghulam Hussaini

Numerical simulation for soil-superstructure interactive system subjected to earthquake excitations

Dr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Hiua Daraei

Autonomous data-driven catchment-to-tap decision support system for manganese, colour and THMs management and treatment optimization

AsPr John van Leeuwen *, Dr John Awad, Prof Chris Chow, Dr Edoardo Bertone, Dr Brendan Gladman, Prof Emily Hilder

Civil Engineering

Hussain Mustafa Shahzad

Evaluating the effect of consecutive high flow events on emptying time in Infiltration Trenches.

Dr Baden Myers

Civil Engineering

Isaac Ahenkorah

Assessment of sand instability behaviour using different stress path

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Jeet Chand

Investigation of glasshouse soil-based tomato under different irrigation deficiency and soil types: a case study of North Adelaide Plain, South Australia

Dr Guna Hewa, Dr Ali Hssanli,Dr Baden Myers

 Civil Engineering

Liwei Heng

Particle Flow Code(PFC) modelling on fresh calcium aluminate concrete (CAC) materials

Prof Yan Zhuge, AsPr Mizanur Rahman

Civil Engineering

Mark Ellis

Durability of crumbed rubber concrete

Dr Xing Ma, Prof Julie Mills, Dr Rebecca Gravina, Prof Yan Zhuge

Civil Engineering

Md Hossain

Modelling the hydrological process on Martian environment

Dr Guna Hewa, Prof Chris Chow,

Civil Engineering

Mehdi Javadi

Lateral behavior of segmental post-tensioned retaining (SPR) walls

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Reza Hassanli, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Mohammed Karim

Static liquefaction potentiality of tailings dam

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, AsPr Adrian Russell

Civil Engineering

Md Rahman

Oversaturated traffic signal: stochastic optimization with upstream gating and queue balancing

Dr Wen Long Yue, Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, Mr Brank Stazic

Transport Engineering

Mona Mosallanejad

Estimation of the origin-destination matrix for multimodal public transport using smart card data

 Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, Dr Wen Long Yue

 Civil Engineering

Monita Yessy Wambrauw

 Investigation route choice behaviour of commuters using bridge linking isolated islands in Indonesia

 Dr Wen Long Yue, Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, Dr Li Meng

 Civil Engineering

Munshi Nawaz

Transit oriented development (TOD): opportunities of a bus based developments (BTOD) as a mechanism for achieving low carbon communities

Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, Dr Andrew Allan

Transport Engineering

Nicholas Barnett

 A study of the static liquefaction behaviour of sand-fines mixtures using discrete element method (DEM)

Dr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim

 Civil Engineering

Ou Yi

Computer analysis of structural behaviour of cumb rubber concrete

Prof Yan Zhuge, Prof Julie Mills, Dr rebecca Gravina, Dr Xing Ma

 Civil Engineering

Phuong Do

Optimization of asset life cycle cost for the wastewater networks

Prof Chris Chow, 

Civil Engineering

Reena Hora

Development of microbial induced calcite precipitation, MICP technique to bio-cement of sandy soil for sustainable geotechnical practice

Dr Mizanur Rahman, Prof Simon Beecham, Dr Rajibul Karim, Prof Jason DeJong

Civil Engineering

Ricky Tolentino

Prediction of permanent deformation in aircraft flexible pavement structural design under the framework of critical state soil mechanics

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim, Dr Don Cameron *

Civil Engineering

Rohini Kolapalli

A model for generating cost and time effective solutions for the management of water quality.

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Prof John Van Leeuwen *, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Supriya Mondal

Energy smart foundation using waste tyres and construction & demolition waste

AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Rajibul Karim

Civil Engineering

Stacey Vorwerk

Modelling ground and moisture movement in a vegetated expansive clay suburb

Dr Don Cameron *, Dr Gunnar Keppel

Civil Engineering

Wei Fan

Retrofitting of corroded concrete pipe with Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM)

Prof Yan Zhuge, Dr Xing Ma, Prof Chris Chow

Civil Engineering

Yachong Xu

Physical properties of tyre walls in residential housing construction

Prof Yan Zhuge, Dr Martin Greney, Dr Xing Ma, AsPr Mizanur Rahman, Dr Reza Hassanli, Mr Liam O'Keefe

Civil Engineering

Yue Liu

Properties analysis and modelling of the concrete made from water treatment sludge

Prof Yan Zhuge, Prof Chris Chow, Mr Greg Ingleton, Mrs Luceille Outhred, Dr Danda Li

Civil Engineering

Zhonghui Wu

Wind induced vibration of transmission line

AsPr Xing Ma, Prof Yan Zhuge, Prof Julie Mills

Civil Engineering

Construction and Project Management


Topic/Thesis Title


Strand / Program

Abid Hasan

The implications of the use of mobile information and communication technologies for construction productivity

AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, Dr Sam Baroudi

Construction Management

Andrew Fox

The standard for systemic risk in project managemen

Dr Tony Ma

Project Management

Anthony Wood

The project management office: factors that drive effective deployment in Australia

 AsPr Nicholas Chileshe, Dr Mark Shelbourn

 Project Management

Bianca Wei Joo Teng

The Implications of mandating the use of Project Bank Accounts (PBAs) in the Australian construction industry

Dr Jeremy Coggins, Dr Yuen Ma, AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, Prof Vicki Waye

Construction Management

Darren Fong

Utilisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in higer education facilities management setting

Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua, Dr Mark Shelbourn *

Project Management

Duy Nguyen

Partnering and quality management in the construction industry

AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, AsPr Nicholas Chileshe, Dr Jeremy Coggins

Construction Management

Helder Serra Cardeira

The legal implications of using smart contracts to ensure payment security in the construction industry

Dr Jeremy Coggins, Prof Vicki Waye

Construction Management

Hossein Derakhshanfar

Developing projects quantitative risk analysis technique using artificial neural network based on historical information and lessons learned

Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua, Mr Uri Shachar, Dr Wolfgang Mayer, 

 Project Managment

Jacqueline Jepson

How project risk management practice compares with theory

AsPr Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, Prof Kerry London 

 Project Management

James Prater

An investigation of the theory of optimism bias and its impact on realistic Information Technology project scheduling

AsPr Konstantinos Kirytopoulos,  Dr Tony Ma

Project Management 

Jennifer Macdonald

CODE BIM: Collaborative design education utilising Building Information Modelling

Prof Julie Mills, Dr Mark Shelbourn, Dr John Mitchell


Jenny Firmin Pisimi

 Influence of culture and stakeholder management of current Corporate Social Responsibility practice and its implications on socio-economic developments: Papua New Guinea oil and gas industry

Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua, Prof David Giles

Project Management

Krishnan Mysore

Influence of people, organisation and environment on multi-stakeholder engagement adversities in globally distributed ICT projects: a vendor’s perspective

AsPr Konstantinos Kirytopoulos

 Project Management

Mojtaba Moosavi


AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, AsPr Nicholas Chileshe

Project Management

Phuong Le

Exploring risks for Build Operate Transfer (BOT) transportation projects in Vietnam

AsPr Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, AsPr Nicholas Chileshe, AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen

Construction Management

Robert Cyprian

Alleviating complex hostile stakeholder interference influenced by unfavourable governance practices in project management in developing countries. An exploratory case field study

AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, AsPr Nicholas Chileshe

 Project Management

Ruchini Senarath Jayasinghe Arachchila

Risks in reverse logistics: a building information modelling enabled risk management model

AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen, AsPr Nicholas Chileshe

Project Management

Sylvia Odusanya

Investigating project performance measurements based on the complexity level of IT-enabled projects

AsPr Nicholas Chileshe, Dr Jorge Ochoa Paniagua

Project Management

Tan Hai Dang Nguyen

Stakeholder management strategies for construction projects in Vietnam

AsPr Nicholas Chileshe, AsPr Rameez Rameezdeen

Project Management

Environmental and Geospatial Sciences


Topic/Thesis Title


Strand / Program

Adam Sutton

Understanding nanoparticle interactions with capillary electrophoresis

Prof Emily Hilder, Dr Ruben Arrua, Dr Stuart Thickett

Environmental Science and Engineering

Alexander De Vries Van Leeuwen

Heat production and tectono-metamorphic evolution of mafic granulites in the Harts Range Group, Northern Territory: Implications for intracontinental oregens

AsPr Tom Raimondo, Dr Laura Morrissey, Prof Martin Hand, Dr David Kelsey

Environmental Science

Alexandra Gaut

Improving wellbeing by developing a connection to nature

Assoc. Prof Delene Weber, Dr Elissa Pearson, Dr Philip Roetman

Sustainable Environments

Alicia Pollet

Heat flow and crustal heat production in Central and Southern Australia

Dr Tom Raimondo, Dr Justin Payne, Prof Martin Hand

Environmental Science

Anne Fordham

Corporate social responsibility of mining companies in rural communities in South Australia and beyond

Prof John Van Leeuwen, Dr Boyd Blackwell, Mr Geoff Deans

Environmental Science

Aylar Yaghoubi

Risk-based asset decision support model for water infrastructure management

Prof Chris Chow, Dr Rameez Rameezdeen

Environmental Science

Bianca Amato

The role of native pollinators and vegetation as drivers of agricultural productivity in the context of resource scarcity

Assoc. Prof Topa Petit, Dr Russel Schumann

Environmental Science

Briony Ankor

An evaluation of the use of remote sensing in the development and monitoring of environmental policies in Australia

 Dr Sharolyn Anderson, Assoc. Prof David Bruce

Geographic Information Science

Christopher Wright

The phenomenon of flash flooding.  How best can we achieve benefits in damage reduction the community?

Dr Guna Hewa, Mr David Pezzaniti, Dr Baden Myers, Dr David Kemp *

Environmental Science

Damian Mortimer

Elucidation of the relationship between calcium and fluoride in groundwaters in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands with a view to developing an appropriate treatment method

Prof John Van Leeuwen, Dr Guna Hewa

Sustainable Environments

Darshika Patel

 What lies beneath? Distribution and bioaccessibility of heavy metals in household carpet dust

Dr Gary Owens, Dr Elliot Duncan 

Environmental Science and Engineering

Emma Wannell

 Ideology,rethoric and the development of public ecological consciousness.

Dr Kathryn Davidson, Dr Robert Dyball, Dr Carleton Christensen

Sustainable Environments

Farzana Kastury

Bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements in airborne particular matter and dust using simulated body fluids

 Assoc. Prof Albert Juhasz, Dr Euan Smith

Environmental Science and Engineering

Genine Meredith

 Assessing the geospatial literacy of senior secondary geography and earth and environmental students

 Assoc. Prof David Bruce, Prof Paul Sutton, Dr Ian Clark, Mr Malcolm McInerney

Environmental Science

Georgia Pollard

 Different kinds of worth: comparing the food production capabilities and social value of community and home food gardens

 Dr James Ward, Dr Philip Roetman

Environmental Science

Gulliver Conroy

The professional shaping of nanotechnology knowledge: a boundary perspective of communication for environmental risk governance

Prof Enzo Lombi, Assoc Prof Erica Donner, Assoc. Prof Albert Juhasz, Dr Fern Wickson

Environmental Science and Engineering

James Chan

 Lab in a syringe

Prof Emily Hilder, Prof Michael Breadmore, Dr Ruben Arrua

Environmental Science and Engineering

James Plummer

The impact of urbanisation on bird biodiversity

 Assoc Prof David Bruce, Dr Philip Roetman, Prof John Boland

Environmental Science

Jan Varga

The role of fluid-rock interaction and melt production in intraplate mountain building: The Harts Range, central Australia

Dr Tom Raimondo, Dr Justin Payne, Prof Martin Hand

Environmental Science

Jeanette Tan

Development of nanocomposite filtration membranes for water treatment

Dr Gary Owens, Dr Haolan Xu

Environmental Science and Engineering

Jowenna Xiao Feng Sim

Comparative effects of agricultural pesticides on SA soil microbial functions

Professor Enzo Lombi

Environmental Science and Engineering

Krishantha Kodituwakku Arachchige

Macro nutrients availability in soil: in different soil conditions and moisture levels

Prof Peter Teasdale, Dr Guna Hewa

Environmental Science

Lily Reid

The Ediacara biota of South Australia: assemblage distributions through space and time

Dr Justin Payne, Assoc. Prof Jim Jago, Prof James Gehling, Dr Diego Garcia-Bellido

Environmental Science

Lore Jane Espartero

The link of environmental chemicals in the pathogenesis and in the increasing incidence of prostate cancer in Australia

 Dr Gary Owens, Dr Judy Ford

Environmental Science and Engineering

Maja Arsic

Impacts of physical root barriers and passage cells on plant nutrient uptake and translocation in arabidopsis and barley

Prof Enzo Lombi, Prof Stanley Miklavcic

Env Rem Pub Hlth

Mark Carey

The relationship between habitat diversity and species diversity in insular environments

 Dr Gunnar Keppel, prof Hugh Possingham, Prof John Boland

Environmental Science

Mark Daker

Public open space policy, supply, and population health: a case study of metropolitan Adelaide

Assoc. Prof David Bruce, Dr Johannes Pieters, Dr Neil Coffee, Mr Stuart Boyd

Geographic Information Science

Mohammadmahdi Alikhani

Scenario modelling of the ecosystem services of a sustainable and desirable future

Dr James Ward, Prof Paul Sutton, Dr Xing Ma

Environmental Science

Morgan Schebella

The psychological benefits associated with modifiable attributes of natural environments

 Assoc Prof Delene Weber

Sustainable Environments

Neeraj Verma

 In vivo sampling strategies - development of a robust equilibrium approach

Prof Emily Hilder, Dr Ruben Arrua

Environmental Science and Engineering

Nina James

Environmental identity in citizen science

Dr Sandra Taylor, Dr Philip Roetman, Dr Belinda Chiera

Environmental Science

Omerebere Ogbughalu

Microbial population and diversity in passivation mechanisms for pyrite oxidation control in acid mine drainage

Dr Michael Short, Dr Rong Fan, Dr Jun Li

Environmental Science

Parwati Sofan

Mapping tropical peatland combustion from satellite remote sensing data

Assoc Prof David Bruce, Dr Eriita Jones,

Environmental Science

Qing Xiao

Heavy metal accumulation and bioaccessibility in traditional Chinese medicines

Dr Gary Owens, Dr Wei Wang

Environmental Science and Engineering

Ricardo Jose Ferreira Neto

Micro-sampling of whole blood and plasma-like fraction collection using porous polymer monolith technology

Prof Emily Hilder, Dr Ruben Arrua

Environmental Science and Engineering

Safa Molan

A study of the application of Immersive Virtual Environments (IVF's) in bushfire preparedness education

 Assoc Prof Delene Weber, Prof Paul Sutton

Environmental Science

Sara Thomas

Novel mesoporous material for sample preparation

Prof Emily Hilder, Dr Hans Jurgen, Dr Rick Barber, Sr Ruben Arrua

Environmental Science and Engineering

Scott Allen

Adelaide Citys cadastre: from its origins to a survey accurate digital cadastral data base

 Assoc Prof David Bruce, Dr Paul Corcoran


Thea Read

Efficiency and risk assessment of zinc oxide nonoparticle fertilisers

Prof Enzo Lombi, Prof Jan K Schjoerring, Assoc Prof Erica Donner, Dr Peter Kopittke

Env Rem Pub Hlth

Thi Y Duyen Pham

Development and modelling of advanced coagulation and oxidation process

Prof John Van Leeuwen, Dr Ronald Smernik, Mr Andrew Everson, Prof Chris Chow

Environmental Science

 Wenjin Xue

Measurement of biodegradable component on NOM in source water and treated water for drinking purpose

Assoc Prof Mary Drikas, Prof John Van Leeuwen, Prof Chris Chow

Sustainable Environments



Natural and Built Environments Research Centre (NBERC) 


Topic/Thesis Title


Strand / Program

Adrienne Brotodewo

Establishment of geochemical exploration criteria in mineral phases within basement and cover sequence rock packages

 Dr Caroline Tiddy, Mr Andrian Fabris, Prof Davis Giles

Minerals and Resources, FII, NBE

Chin How Goh

Emissions and carbon sequestration potential of biosolids from bolivar wastewater treatment pland reused in South Australian agricultural operations

 Prof Chris Saint, Dr Michael Short, Prof Nanthi Bolan

Water Engineering

Eline Baudet

Mineralogy and geochemical footprint of the Bulldog Shale, Eromanga Basin, Australia: A new way to explore under deep cover

 Prof David Giles, Mr Steven Hill, Dr Caroline Tiddy

Minerals and Resources, FII, NBE

Harsha Sapdhare

Economic analysis of street-scale green infrastructure

Prof Simon Beecham, Prof Randy Stringer, Dr Baden Myers

Water Engineering 

Hugh Burger

Determination of the reasons for the presence and control of blue-green algae in papermill waste water

Prof John Van Leeuwen, Dr Rosmala Lewis, Mr Marzouk Josef, Dr Guna Hewa, Prof Megh Mallavarapu, Prof David Lewsi 

Water Engineering

Ilda Clos

Further investigation and improvement on qualitative performance of permeable pavement and associated technologies in relation to stormwater runoff and associated pollution reduction

Dr Michael Short, Prof Chris Saint, Dr Juan Pablo Alvarez Gaitan

Water Engineering

Jennifer Ayres

Creating artificial floating Island of grass to remediate eutrophic water

 Prof John Van Leeuwen, Dr Rupak Ayral, Dr Rosmala Lewis, Mr Marzouk Josef

Water Engineering

Joel Liffner

Linking catchment hypsometry to catchment hydrology and climate variability

Dr Guna Hewa, Dr Murray Peel, Dr Mizanur Rahman

Water Engineering

Meena Yadav 

Detection of emerging chemical contaminants in wastewater: assessing the effectiveness of treatment technologies and current analytical capabilities

Prof Chris Saint, Dr Michael Short, Dr Rupak Aryal, Dr Cobus Gerber

Water Engineering

Rosmina Binti Ahmad Bustami

Developing resilient living walls for South Australia

Dr James Ward, Prof Simon Beecham, Dr Rupak Aryal

Water Engineering

Veerdhawal Kulkarni

Elucidation of the causes of chemical and biological mediated chloramine decay and potential control mechanisms in water distribution systems

Prof John Van Leeuwen, Prof Chris Chow, Assoc Prof Mary Drikas, Dr John Awad, Dr Ian Clark

Water Engineering

Areas of study and research

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