VC Cup Update - Table Tennis


VC Cup Update

Table Tennis Event

On Friday, the 9th of June 2017, the VC Cup Table Tennis event, was held at the Brookman Hall at the City East Campus.

One student team and one staff team represented the School of Natural and Built Environments, and both teams were enthusiastic and energetic players.  The staff team delivered powerful serves and kept consistent pressure on the opposing teams.  The student team did a great job of overcoming an initial hurdle of a last minute change in their team to produce a very good result.

The NBE Staff Team won 1 out of 3 rounds in the ‘pool’ rounds resulting in them taking second place in Pool C. The NBE Student Team also made a great effort, taking 3rd place in Pool D.

Both teams won their semi-final rounds; however, the Staff Team lost to ISTS during the finals resulting in a 9th place ranking. And the student team placed 6th overall.

The UniSA Sports article about the event and list of winners can be found here.

Although we didn’t win all rounds for this event it was clear that everyone had a great time. Great work team NBE!

Table Tennis


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