VC Cup Ultimate Frisbee Update

VC Cup Update

On Friday, the 21st October 2017, the VC Cup Ultimate Frisbee event was held at the Mawson Lakes Campus. 

This was the last VC Cup event of the year and a  team comprising of 5 staff and 2 students represented the School of Natural and Built Environments.  They performed exceptionally well by winning the Ultimate Frisbee competition.

Well done NBE!

VC Cup Ulitmate Frisbee

Back Row: Michael Short, Shane Kakko, Hugh Burger, Ashley Hasler
Front Row: Steve Hill, Camilo Montoya Giraldo, Not in picture – Hudson Trigg

The NBE Team won 3 out of 3 rounds in the ‘pool’ rounds and went on to win the final round game against the Student Engagement Unit.

A points system is used for each event throughout the year and tallied up at the end of each year to determine the winning school.  The winners of the 2017 VC Cup are The School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy whose fourth place in the Ultimate Frisbee earned them the victory with a total of 28 points for the year.

The School of Natural and Built Environments achieved 26 points earning them second place in the overall 2017 competition.  A very close result and a great job done by all!

The UniSA Sports article about the event and list of winners can be found here.

The results and photos from these events will be displayed on the VC Cup website and the UniSA Sports Facebook page.

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